Communicating Without Authority

Sauder School of Business

What are the topics?

Sauder School of Business


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Who should attend

Anyone with limited authority over others who seeks to enhance their communication effectiveness. Business, technical and support professionals, team leads, coordinators, supervisors and junior to mid-level managers in particular will benefit from attending.

About the course

Conveying Your Message with Credibility, Competence and Confidence

This engaging program provides strategies and skills that anyone with limited authority can use to communicate to people at all levels with competence and credibility. You will learn and practice proven methods for conveying both routine and sensitive messages clearly and confidently when working remotely, communicating virtually or interacting in person.

Online program format

Each day of the program includes facilitator-led online sessions in real time, with ample breaks provided. The sessions are highly interactive, enabling you to network with peers, brainstorm ideas, practice new skills in virtual breakout rooms, receive constructive feedback, watch instructional videos and create personalized action plans you can implement immediately after the program. In addition, you will have access to self-directed readings, templates, checklists and assessments you can review at any time.

Benefits for you

  • Develop a more constructive mindset and behaviours when you are working from a position of limited authority
  • Become more efficient and effective when planning and delivering your message upwards or laterally
  • Acquire a new toolkit of skills for informing and persuading others assertively and diplomatically
  • Explore internal and external communication obstacles and apply methods to overcome them
  • Engage others quickly and with maximum impact
  • Acquire buy-in and support from individuals and groups at all levels
  • Enhance your power, credibility and confidence when addressing others, despite your lack of authority

Program content

Day One

Module 1: Communicating Upwards with Confidence

  • Identify your self-defeating obstacles when communicating upwards
  • Tips for motivating people with more authority to give you their respect and commitment
  • Strategies for crafting messages with impact when communicating upwards
  • Practice a real-life conversation and create an action plan for communicating upwards more effectively

Self-directed resources:

  • Self-assessment: your style when communicating upwards

Module 2: Communicating Laterally with Assertiveness and Tact

  • Strategies for becoming more assertive when communicating laterally
  • How to convey sensitive messages with empathy and tact
  • Practice planning, crafting and delivering messages that balance assertiveness with diplomacy

Self-directed resources:

  • Evaluate your assertiveness when communicating laterally; tips for improvement
  • Guidelines for how to be more diplomatic

Day Two

Module 3: Communicating Clearly to Inform

  • What is and is not relevant when informing others—guidelines for informing with impact
  • The WSN Technique for communicating to inform with clarity and tact
  • Create an action plan for crafting and delivering impactful informative messages
  • Practice a real-life conversation informing someone you have no authority over

Self-directed resources:

  • Checklist: how effective are you at informing others?
  • Planning template and examples for communicating to inform

Module 4: Communicating Persuasively to Influence

  • Essential components of an effective message to persuade when you do not have authority
  • Strengthen your message’s persuasion appeal with the ROBA technique
  • Craft and deliver a persuasive message using ROBA in a real-life conversation
  • Create an action plan for communicating more persuasively

Self-directed resources:

  • Planning template for crafting and delivering a persuasive conversation without authority
  • Assessing your persuasion power: guidelines for success


Gail Levitt

Gail Levitt, president of Levitt Communications Inc., is an influential leadership facilitator, coach and mentor with a unique approach that engages and inspires participants to learn and apply both theory and practice for peak performance. Gail offers a wide range of influential leadership topic...

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Communicating Without Authority at Sauder School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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