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Western Ontario University

Business Grammar and Style: Fundamentals of Writing

Available dates

Mar 23—May 15, 2020
8 daysModules info
London, Ontario, Canada
CAD 425 ≈USD 324
CAD 53 per day
Mar 25—May 15, 2020
Modules info
CAD 425 ≈USD 324


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About the course

Understand the essential elements of grammar: punctuation, style, and mechanics. Learn to utilize writing manuals in order to continuously improve your business writing. Discover the fundamental building blocks of an effective written communications skill set.


  • The essential elements of grammar: punctuation, mechanics, style, and usage
  • Writing clear, succinct, and grammatically correct material
  • Improving your writing process

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Write grammatically correct sentences
  • Punctuate sentences correctly
  • Use plurals and possessives correctly
  • Use words precisely and accurately
  • Write to a specific audience and for a specific purpose
  • Differentiate between writing tasks and editing tasks

What to Expect

This is an interactive course; you will engage online with your class and instructor through our online learning management system. Plan to log into your course regularly throughout the week.

You can expect approximately five hours of work per week for discussions, readings, assignments and other course requirements.

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Janet Tufts

Before pursuing a career in editing, Janet spent 20+ years in the non-profit sector writing and editing business collateral of every kind. As a professional editor, she is open to any genre or type of editing project (substantive, stylistic, copy editing or proofreading) with a particular interes...


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