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Business Analysis in Agile Projects

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May 9—10
2 days
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
USD 1495
USD 747 per day
May 20—22
USD 1495
May 30—Jun 1
USD 1495
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Get the critical thinking, analytical skills, and necessary people skills to add value to every agile project Traditional system development methodologies are rapidly being replaced by more iterative or agile approaches. More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of faster product deployment at a lower cost, with less rework due to missed requirements. Effective business analysis is key to developing those requirements and keeping projects on track. This indispensable course explores the contributions of good requirements development in an agile environment and equips business analysts with the critical thinking, analytical skills, and necessary people skills they need to add value to every agile project.

What You Will Cover

Getting Started

  • Impact of other domains on agile beginnings
  • The agile conversation and working agreements

Agile Overview

  • Lean beginnings. Why agile?
  • Agile manifesto and principles & practices

Building an Agile Team

  • The team as a system
  • The business analyst

Project Initiation

  • Five levels of planning
  • Vision
  • Themes and roadmap
  • User roles and personas

Backlog Planning

  • The product backlog
  • Writing user stories
  • Guidelines for good stories
  • Acceptance criteria

Managing the Backlog

  • Prioritization
  • Estimating

Release Planning

Backlog Refinement

  • Agile documentation
  • Requirements elaboration

The Iteration

  • Iteration planning and execution

Inspect and Adapt

  • The iteration review
  • The demo
  • The retrospective

Agile Adoption

Who should attend

Business customer, user or partner, Project Sponsor or Project Owner, Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Systems Architect or Designer, Systems or Application Developer, QA Professional, Systems Tester, Leader of Systems projects or teams or anyone wanting to enhance their agile business analysis skills.

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