Board of Directors

Aalto University School of Business

Aalto University School of Business


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Who should attend

  • Board members in publicly held and privately owned companies
  • Executives preparing to serve on a board
  • Executives working closely with boards

About the course

Board of Directors is a high-level director and executive program with a truly global and strategic perspective.

The program will develop executives’ and board members’ abilities to evaluate a company’s strategy in a constantly changing business environment. The focus is on strengthening the boards’ capability to direct the company. Participation in the program requires commitment to evolving as a team member in order to make personal board performance more effective.

The main objective of the Board of Directors program is to provide participants with a view of the global economy, current trends and their impact on organizations and the way strategies are built. Tools are provided for assessing an organization's strategy from a board perspective, together with new insights on how to build a board with dynamics that will facilitate smart decision making.

After the program the participants:

Have enhanced their ability to contribute to the success of the organization as a board member,

Have enhanced their ability to assess the strategy of the organization,

Have enhanced their ability to understand and contribute to the dynamics of the board in a positive manner in order to make the best possible decisions as a board, and

Have a view on means to support the CEO and the executive board.


The Board of Directors program offers ways for a board to develop a global mindset to sense and interpret transformation in the global economy. It strengthens the ability of a board to direct company strategy, and supports company performance when developing more effective board dynamics.

  • Offers new frameworks to develop a truly global mindset
  • Strengthen your strategic thinking in the global market place
  • Provide you with the tools to give high performance to the board you serve on

Contents and Schedule

The next Board of Directors program will be held in May–August 2018.


Building the Next Generation Global Enterprise

The structure and dynamics of the global economy are changing at almost hurricane speed. Some of the most profound changes include a) trends in the global economy, b) the sustainability gap, and c) technological advances.

The first module will be hosted by Sixten Korkman.

Economic trends

Historical perspective on growth

Globalization and its challenges: Is the speed of Globalization too fast for too many?

Financial Market trends

Rise of private equity and improved corporate governance

Market integration: M&A, cross-border flows

Trends in executive and labor compensation

Emerging issues

Excessive wealth concentration

Excessive valuations

Role of new innovations

Securitization, ETFs


Sustainable development

Triple bottom line – measuring the financial, environmental and social impact

Sustainability strategies (civic, strategic, managerial, compliance, defensive)

Corporate responsibility actions (philanthropy, CR integration, CR innovation)

Sustainability-oriented innovation: Solving grand challenges by co-creating new products and services

Technology development on the board's agenda

Digital platforms

Leading the digital innovation ecosystem

The new principles of e-commerce

Digitalization of different functions in organizations

Strategic Direction and Strategic Responsibility of the Board

he main goal for this module is to: Strengthen the ability of a board to direct company strategy. The more specific objectives of the module are to help participants to

  • Gain an overview of the strategic roles of a board and individual board members
  • Develop the ability to assess the quality of a firm’s strategy from a board perspective
  • Gain an understanding of the different ways that a board can be involved in strategy work
  • Learn about the central success factors in a board’s involvement in strategy
  • Learn about the roles of a board in restructuring actions, such as M&As Discuss the roles of a board and the owners of a company

Board Dynamics and Performance, Conflicts and Decision Making

The primary purpose of this module is to achieve better understanding of behavioral dynamics in various board contexts. The specific objectives are to

  • Familiarize ourselves with the correlation between corporate performance and top team dynamics
  • Better understand the behaviors and dynamics among top teams
  • Learn to embrace enriching conflicts with positive outcomes
  • Plan, design and anticipate the impact of changes among a top team


Pekka Mattila

Dr. Pekka Mattila serves as a Professor of Practice at the Aalto University School of Business. He works frequently with both European and Asian executive audiences on themes of strategic management and agility, strategy co-creation, business model innovation, executive leadership, top team dynam...

Pedro Parada Balderrama

Education Doctor en Administración y Dirección de Empresas. ESADE - Universitat Ramon Llull Máster en Gestión y Políticas Públicas. Universidad Católica Boliviana Licenciado en Economía. Universidad Católica Boliviana Areas of interest Internationalization and Globalization Corporate Strate...

Matti Suominen

My current research areas include Financial Markets, Hedge Funds and Quantitative Trading Strategies. In addition to doing research, I am actively involved in management consulting to financial institutions and executive education. For instance, I have been involved in teaching executives, often ...

Hertta Vuorenmaa

Post-doctoral Researcher, Aalto University School of Business Hertta Vuorenmaa is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Department of Management at Aalto University School of Business. Vuorenmaa is an experienced researcher and trainer. She has been working as a researcher in several large Academy ...

Antti - Jussi Tahvanainen

Technological progress has been the greatest force of change and growth for as long as we have existed, and will continue to determine our ways and quality of living in perpetuity. I have committed myself to understanding and harnessing the impacts that the development, commercialization and adop...

Tapio Melgin

Tapio Melgin is a Senior Manager at McKinsey & Company in Helsinki, focusing on strategy, sustainability and M&A, focus industries covering materials, energy, consumer goods, and investors. He is part of the McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance practice. Tapio joined McKinsey in 2...

Hanna Kaustia

Hanna Kaustia is a Program Director at McKinsey & Company in Helsinki, leading initiatives in sustainability, diversity, and leadership development as well as Helsinki office external communications. She is also part of McKinsey’s Global Social Responsibility function. Hanna has been with Mc...

Nermin Hairedin

Nermin Hairedin is a digital, data, and marketing professional. She is currently board executive in SOK (S Group), Örum, VR-yhtymä, and Delipap Oy. In addition, she serves as an advisor, keynote speaker, and investor. Hairedin has an extensive background in digitalizing businesses for over 20 ye...

Dane Chamorro

Dane Chamorro is a Partner in Control Risks Asia Pacific business and has more than 25 years’ experience in the region. A former US diplomat, Mr. Chamorro, most recently was the Managing Partner for the Southeast Asia business. Previously Mr. Chamorro was the Director of Global Risk Analysis for ...

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Board of Directors at Aalto University School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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