Available dates

May 20—21, 2020
2 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 2399 ≈USD 3082
GBP 1199 per day


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About the course

This two-day training programme covers AI in banking by looking at current global best practices in each of the ten levels. We compare, synthesize, analyse and discuss the available best practices and take them to the next level: applicability in your organisation.

  • LEVEL ONE: Understanding the Role of AI within the Financial Technology Infrastructure
  • LEVEL TWO: Defining the Scope of AI Initiatives
  • LEVEL THREE: Designing Products and Processes which Provide Superior Data
  • LEVEL FOUR: Collecting, Cleaning, Centralising and Connecting Data
  • LEVEL FIVE: Applying Big Data Analytics
  • LEVEL SIX: Applying AI in Turning Data into Client Facing Value
  • LEVEL SEVEN: Applying AI in Turning Data into Back Office Value
  • LEVEL EIGHT: Creating a Dynamic AI Ecosystem by Selected Applications of Machine Learning
  • LEVEL NINE: Piloting, Building PoCs to Cutting Edge Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • LEVEL TEN: Strategising AI in Banking

How You Will Learn

In-depth discussions and practical sessions looking at the best practices of each level of the AI infrastructure including; Understanding the Role of AI within Financial Technologies; Robo-advisors and AI Propelled Banking Channels; Managing AI and Machine Learning: Organisational View; Big Data from a RiskTech and Ecosystem Point of View; B2B AI: Asset Management, Portfolio Management and Beyond; B2B Machine Learning in Banking; AI Implementation and Beyond

With practical sessions and case studies on; Quant communities and Crowdsourcing quantitative excellence; From Quantopian to QuantConnect through Quantiacs; Analysis – blockchain, DLT and AI a opportunities in the new generation of data and AI

Agenda Summary

  • FinTech: Technological change
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Digitalisation of Banking Services
  • Banking the Future – The Digitally Enabled Bank
  • Examples of How Digitalisation is Changing Existing Business Models
  • Big Data
  • Digitalisation of the Business Model: The Real Disruption
  • How to Regulate the Industry
  • Business Opportunities
  • Business Model Innovation
  • From Fiat Currencies to Cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptography and Digital Signatures
  • How Does the Blockchain Work?
  • Blockchain Demo
  • Different Miners
  • Security Issues
  • Practical Issues
  • The Programmable Nature of the Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Applications of The Digital Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Setting up Your Own Cryptocurrency Account

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