Available dates

Jan 28—31, 2020
4 days
Toulouse, France
USD 2700
USD 675 per day
May 12—15, 2020
4 days
Toulouse, France
USD 2700
USD 675 per day
Oct 20—23, 2020
4 days
Toulouse, France
USD 2700
USD 675 per day


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About the course

Improve understanding of airline financial performance & aircraft financing tools & techniques from the perspectives of airlines, lessors, bankers & manufacturers.

How will I benefit?

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the role of finance and insurance in aviation
  • Know the main aviation finance and insurance jargon used
  • Understand airline financial performance and statements
  • Analyse the financing structures used in today's aircraft market
  • Appreciate the objectives of airlines, lessors, bankers, insurers and manufacturers
  • Understand the role of leasing markets, manufacturer support and export credit
  • Understand aviation insurance market, its financial impacts on airlines and aircraft financing
  • Analyse recent trends on aircraft transactions from a financial perspective
  • Comprehend the role of capital markets in aircraft finance and the current market situation

What does the course cover?

  • Aviation business drivers and financial impacts
  • Overview of aircraft financing process and players
  • Financing jargon
  • Airline financial statements and analysis
  • Capital markets, currency exchange and aircraft financing
  • Leasing awareness overview
  • Financing structures for aircraft
  • Aircraft loan structures and pricing

The banker’s view:

  • Bank’s objectives and criteria when financing a deal
  • Balance sheet and regulatory constraints on banks
  • Document and cash flows in financing structures

Problems and trends in air finance and aircraft finance businesses

Latest aircraft financing structures

Insurer’s view:

  • Insurer’s objectives and criteria when financing a deal
  • Overview of the insurance market
  • Types of insurance and pricing
  • Case study: Insurance and airline financial implications
  • Aircraft residual value guarantees
  • Export credit agencies’ role and mechanisms in aircraft financing

Manufacturer’s view:

  • Financing overview of the evolution of orders and deliveries
  • Aircraft financing and government support (Export Credit Agencies - ECA)
  • ECA financing trends
  • PDPs financing overview
  • Backstop financing

Airline’s view on:

  • Financing strategy and flexible fleet management
  • Cost of capital optimisation
  • Financial risk management
  • Airline’s financing tools during a crisis
  • Aircraft financing

Who should attend

  • Airline professionals involved in finance, fleet planning or aircraft trading
  • Manufacturer commercial executives seeking insight into airline financing trends and prospects
  • Engineers and technical specialists who are moving into a commercial role within their company
  • Bankers, lessors, advisors and lawyers new to the field of aircraft financing

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