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AirBusiness Academy

Aircraft Evaluation

Next dates

Sep 18—20
3 days
Toulouse, France
EUR 2000 ≈USD 2232
EUR 666 per day


Discover how airlines evaluate competing aircraft types based on technical and economic criteria.

How will I benefit?

This course will enable you to:

  • Have more insight into aircraft selection and acquisition processes
  • Examine the techniques and methods which are used by airlines to analyse aircraft
  • Know how airlines organise fleet planning and the aircraft evaluation processes
  • Follow the example of a major European airline’s evaluation process
  • Use economic analysis techniques through a comprehensive business case
  • Understand key issues facing airlines and manufacturers regarding aircraft availability and financing
  • Comprehend financial analysis: investment valuation, sensitivity analysis and leasing vs. purchasing

What does the course cover?

  • Current and emerging industry trends
  • Basic aircraft evaluation principles
  • Qualitative aircraft evaluation criteria
  • Aircraft evaluation for a major airline
  • Aircraft selection: airplane direct operating cost, cost breakdown by categories, choosing aircraft type cabin
  • Risk vs. reward evaluation – focus on aircraft performance
  • Aircraft utilisation and productivity impact
  • Aircraft standardisation?
  • Analysis of investment in aircraft: cash-flow estimates, airlines cost of capital, measuring profitability: NPV, IRR
  • Leasing vs. purchasing aircraft
  • Business cases

Who should attend

  • Airline managers involved in fleet planning and procurement, asset management, strategic planning, finance and operations
  • Manufacturer analysts with customer interfaces, particularly those in sales and marketing
  • Asset management finance and contracts managers
  • Analysts and managers of aircraft leasing companies, banks, appraisal firms and insurance companies
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