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Agilent Chromatography Technology

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The use of Agilent Gas Chromatography plays a key role in the modern industry, not only by supplying effective data of known quality, but also providing these data in real-time or near real-time. This workshop is offering everything the professional and novice need to know about running, maintaining, and interpreting the results from Agilent Gas Chromatography. Analytical chemists, technicians, and scientists in allied disciplines will regard this workshop as the best in gas chromatography. In addition to serving as an invaluable update for the experienced practitioner, this workshop provides the beginner with solid understanding of gas chromatographic theory and basic techniques.

This five-day course incorporates the most recent developments in the field of Agilent Gas Chromatography, including topics on optimization of separations and computer assistance; high speed or fast gas chromatography, mobile phase requirements.

This course intends comprehensively to highlight and discuss in details the components of the techniques, its use, troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration, interface with other techniques and some practical workshops to familiarize the theoretical information into practice. Upon successful completion of this course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Build extensive understanding and excellent skills in Gas Chromatography Technology and associated techniques used
  • Operate the gas chromatograph equipment in the safest and best practical way
  • Build up the knowledge and skills on how to maintain gas chromatography
  • Calibrate gas chromatography and produce and produce results with the highest precision and accuracy and reliable source
  • Manage troubleshooting and identifying the source of the problem and the scientific method of eliminating the problem from reoccurring
  • To develop new methods and procedures development for new tests and using it in research and development projects
  • Identify Sample injection, learn the factors affecting injection band width, split/split less injectors, hot vaporizing injection, large volume injection, purge and trap sampling also headspace and purge and trap sampling
  • Perform practical demonstration
  • Conduct validation of GC Methods, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualifications
  • Perform Troubleshooting and applications


Day 1


  • History, Definitions, Applications/Purpose
  • Requirements, Limitations, GC Components/Practical Theory and Practices

Injection Systems

  • Syringe Types/ Methods, Septa Sweep
  • Packed and Capillary, On-Column, Split/ Split less Injections
  • New Techniques and application, Solvent Effects
  • Background, Maintenance/Troubleshooting Strategies

Day 2

Columns Systems

  • Packed and Capillary
  • Performance Evaluation, How they are made
  • Liquid Phases/Selection/ Temperature Limits
  • Adsorbents, Molecular Sieves
  • Isothermal/Temperature Programming
  • Compatibility, Practical Operating Tips
  • Installations of Columns, Troubleshooting, Gas Flow Adjustments
  • Liner Velocity thru Capillary Column
  • Operational Tips
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Day 3


  • Fundamentals of Detector Responses
  • Types of Detector
  • Detectors Used for Various Analysis
  • TCD and FID maintenance

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis

  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis Methods

Day 4

  • Maintenance and Calibration of Gas Chromatographic Instruments
  • SITE VISIT / Practical Session
  • Troubleshooting and their Solutions
  • Interpretation of Test Results and Analysis

Day 5

  • Gas Chromatography Methods and Processes Development
  • Combination of Gas Chromatographic Techniques with Other Techniques
  • Practical Presentation for Using Agilent Gas Chromatography

Who should attend

This course is intended for chemists, Scientists, lab technicians, Lab analysts, chemical engineers, instrument engineers and lab supervisors and managers and other technical laboratory staff


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Detailed Description
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