Management Concepts

Advanced Simplified Acquisition Procedures

Available dates

Feb 10—14, 2020
5 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
USD 1209
USD 241 per day
Mar 16—20, 2020
5 days
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
USD 1209
USD 241 per day
Apr 13—17, 2020
5 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
USD 1209
USD 241 per day
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About the course

Simplified acquisitions require an understanding of the processes and guidelines that govern acquisitions under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Not only will you use practical exercises based on actual legal decisions to apply the basics of simplified acquisitions, but you will also be exposed to the ever-changing electronic commerce methods of acquiring supplies and services using required sources. If you are looking for an update on simplified acquisition procedures, consider taking the Simplified Acquisition Refresher course.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and use required sources to satisfy requirements where applicable
  • Determine if commercial items can satisfy the requirement
  • Obtain adequate competition through market research and publicizing contract actions
  • Use FAR Part 13 procedures in conjunction with other appropriate FAR parts
  • Determine priority of and appropriately apply small business preference programs
  • Use simplified acquisition procedures to acquire commercial items under FAR subpart 13.5, Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items

Course Topics

Overview and Review

  • Simplified Acquisition Terminology
  • Rules that Govern Simplified Acquisitions
  • Roles and Authority of People in Simplified Acquisitions
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Planning for Simplified Acquisitions

  • Need Determination
  • Analyzing the Requirement
  • Extent of Competition
  • Sourcing Issues
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Using Existing Sources

  • Acquiring from Required Sources by e-Commerce
  • GSA Schedules
  • Other Government e-Commerce Alternatives
  • Other Existing Sources of Supply
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Socioeconomic, Labor, and Environmental Considerations

  • Socioeconomic Considerations
  • Labor Considerations
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Soliciting and Receiving Quotations and Offers

  • Method of Solicitation
  • Publicizing Contract Actions
  • Receipt of Offers or Quotations
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Evaluation and Award

  • Evaluation of Offers or Quotations
  • Award Decision
  • Protests
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Contract Administration

  • Evaluating a Contractor’s Performance
  • Modifying an Order After Acceptance
  • Exercising Options
  • Reviewing Claims
  • Terminating an Order or Contract
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Ethical Considerations

  • Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • Conflicting Financial Interests
  • Restrictions on Obtaining and Disclosing Certain Information Statute
  • Organizational Conflicts of Interest
  • Other Improper Business Practices
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Who should attend

This course is designed specifically for students who are experienced in simplified acquisitions and seek training to enable them to increase their warrant level above $25,000 or update and further their knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 13 procedures.

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