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Nov 18—22, 2019
5 days
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
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Dec 2—6, 2019
5 days
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Dec 2—6, 2019
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About the course

Maintain your FAC-COR or DoD-COR Certification in an advanced class facilitated by an expert who can answer your most nuanced questions. Going far beyond just developing COR documentation, you will develop critical thinking, procurement strategy, requirements definition, and contract management skills necessary for successful contract performance. You will participate in complex simulations that will push the limits of your expertise and teach you strategies to manage any contract.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the benefits of performance-based service acquisition
  • Collect and analyze relevant market information and identify possible sources
  • Recommend acquisition strategies to the acquisition team to ensure supplies or services are available when needed
  • Define the necessary requirements to fill the mission needs
  • Develop technical evaluation factors and subfactors that discriminate between offerors and tie back to technical requirements
  • Identify contract performance risk areas and develop a plan for contract management
  • Monitor contract performance and recommend necessary actions to the contracting officer
  • Recognize situations that require a contract modification and communicate the requirement to the contracting officer
  • Document the contractor’s actual performance under the contract

Course Topics

PBA, Acquisition Strategy, and Market Research

  • Elements of PBSA
  • Differences between PBSA and Non-performance Based Contracts
  • Benefits of PBSA
  • Plan and Implement the Acquisition Strategy
  • Write the Market Research Report

Defining the Requirement

  • Using Job Analysis to Structure Performance Requirements
  • Contractor Surveillance Methods
  • Write a PWS That Captures Performance Requirements
  • Create a QASP That Ensures Performance Goals Are Met

Developing Evaluation Factors and Postaward Planning

  • Mandatory Evaluation Factors
  • Characteristics of Good Evaluation Factors
  • What Agencies Have to Tell Offerors about Evaluation Factors
  • Suggested Approach for Developing Technical Evaluation Factors
  • Major Goals of Postaward Planing
  • The Most Important Areas of the Contract for the COR/COTR to Review
  • Prepare the COR/COTR Workplan
  • Prepare for the Postaward Orientation Conference

Inspection and Acceptance and Performance Management

  • Purpose of Inspection
  • Conducting and Documenting Inspections
  • Acceptance of Supplies and Services
  • Notifying the Contracting Officer of Noncompliance
  • Monitor and Document Contractor Performance
  • Identify and Resolve Performance Issues
  • Resolve Interruptions in Contract Performance
  • Review and Process Contractor Invoices
  • Adjust Contractor Payment for Non-performance

Contract Modifications and Recording and Maintaining Contractor Performance Information

  • Types of Changes and Modifications
  • Circumstances that Can Prompt a Contract Change
  • Handling Contractor Requests
  • Contract Scope
  • Constructive Changes
  • Equitable Adjustment
  • Prepare a Contractor Performance Evaluation Report
  • Sources of Information
  • Contractor Rebuttal Rights

Who should attend

This course is designed for certified FAC-COR Level II or DOD Type B or C CORs who wish to increase their mastery of the FAC-COR or DOD COR competencies while earning 40 CLPs to maintain their certification.

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