Best executive courses in Copenhagen (Denmark)

Singularity University

7,381 USD

This intensive program is intended for senior leaders in business, government, and nonprofit sectors with the desire to have a positive impact at scale, and who want to create their organization's future — and the world's future — and not simply react to it. The program features SingularityU...

May 18—20, 2021

3 days in Stockholm, Sweden

7,381 USD


3,690 USD

How often are you asked to take decisions in your boss absence? Things need to go fast. How are you setting your priorities? Enhance your executive assistant skills and performance to increase the added value of your contribution to your manager and your company. Improve your interpersonal skills...

Dec 14—17, 2020

4 days in Amsterdam, Netherlands

3,690 USD

CBS Executive

5,042 USD

New initiatives as well as growing shareholder rights and the importance of principles of responsible management are setting new requirements for how companies handle remuneration processes. In order to equip companies with capabilities to meet these new demands, the HCA Group at CBS, in...

May 5—Sep 29, 2021

4 days in Copenhagen, Denmark

5,042 USD

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