October 5, 2021

Offline courses

Kellogg School of Management
Frameworks for Organizational Success Knowing the "numbers" is a complex challenge for all leaders. For senior executives of nonprofit organizations, this practical program will improve your understanding of — and ability to manage — the entire financial picture of your organization. Through...
Oct 5—6, 2021
2 days in Chicago, Illinois, United States
1,150 USD
2 more dates
CBS Executive
Intensive course for research managers An increasing number of non-Scandinavian research managers are working in the Scandinavian countries. This very intensive course addresses the principles of research management and leadership as well as the challenges met by international research...
Oct 5, 2021—Jan 20, 2022
6 days in Copenhagen, Denmark
5,692 USD
Schulich Executive Learning Centre
Influential Communication for Leaders Powerful presentation structures that gain attention and influence actions How to get your message heard, understood and remembered Recognize and unleash personal communication strengths to further your impact Learning Outcome: Learn why what your...
Oct 5—8, 2021
4 days in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2,656 USD
1 more date
Cranfield School of Management
A clear marketing strategy focuses on your customers. Unlike a business plan it will help you to clarify who you should sell to, what you should sell them and why they should buy from you rather than a competitor. Cranfield has been at the forefront of leading edge thinking in this area. Create...
Oct 5—6, 2021
2 days in Cranfield, United Kingdom
3,729 USD
2 more dates
Georgia Tech Professional Education
Discover what world-class organizations such as General Electric, Motorola and Xerox already know. Six Sigma can improve your bottom line. By attending this program, you will return to your organization with a deep understanding of the Six Sigma approach, proven tools for implementing the...
Oct 5—9, 2021
5 days in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
3,950 USD
1 more date
Kellogg School of Management
Nonprofit leaders are often at the forefront of social justice movements. Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just today’s buzz words but serve as a radical call to action for deep systemic change impacting every aspect of the nonprofit organization and community in which you find...
Oct 5—7, 2021
3 days in Chicago, Illinois, United States
1,350 USD
1 more date
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
This immersive workshop reveals the secrets of the copywriter’s craft and gives your skills an invigorating workout. You’ll learn a comprehensive method to help you generate ideas, maintain reader attention and bring your words to life. In an atmosphere that’s friendly and collaborative, you’ll...
Oct 5—6, 2021
2 days in London, United Kingdom
1,720 USD
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