September 28, 2021

Offline courses

Ashridge Executive Education
To build the confidence, capability and support needed to face and foster change in an organization. The world is undergoing profound commercial, economic, social and environmental changes, and organizations often struggle to recognize them and act. This program will provide participants with...
Sep 28—30, 2021
3 days in Berkhamsted, United Kingdom
6,048 USD
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Rotterdam School of Management
People in companies typically make hundreds of decisions every day; some of them have long-term implications. But big data and smart technology are changing the process of decision-making. This three-day programme will teach you new ways of thinking to keep your decision-making relevant. This...
Sep 28—30, 2021
3 days in Rotterdam, Netherlands
4,014 USD
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Kellogg School of Management
There is a science to transforming conflict into collaboration. As the business world becomes more complex, a collaborative culture is essential within all types of institutions from small businesses to global organizations. As change becomes a bigger constant, there will inevitably be...
Sep 28—Oct 1, 2021
4 days in Cook County, Illinois, United States
8,350 USD
Cranfield School of Management
For project managers who are experienced in delivering projects and are looking for one step further than the methodologies. Combining the latest cutting edge research from Cranfield with case studies, you will explore the different attributes and approaches of project and programme managers who...
Sep 28—29, 2021
2 days in Cranfield, United Kingdom
3,418 USD
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Online courses

ASPE | Techtown
The Agile Product and Solution Management course allows you to discover the right mindset, skills, and tools you need to create successful products and solutions using Agile techniques. Learn how to use Design Thinking to create products and solutions that are: Desirable – what customers...
Sep 28—30, 2021
Online course
2,695 USD
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