June 29, 2021

Offline courses

Brookings Institution
Appointed by the executive branch and confirmed by the legislative, the judicial branch has the mandate to determine the constitutionality of the law and providing equal justice under the law. It is the least defined of the 3 branches of government in that the constitution establishes a Supreme...
Jun 29, 2021
1 day in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
995 USD
Texas LBJ School
Managers are realizing the value of keeping a group energized, focused on task, and producing effective results. Whether you lead a problem-solving team, work with executives in strategic planning, or just want to assist in moving your own group through the collaborative process more effectively,...
Jun 29—30, 2021
2 days in Austin, Texas, United States
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
You may have heard of “nudge” theory or “thinking fast and slow” and wondered why Governments and commercial organisations across the world are responding to today’s challenges by applying behavioural economics to make radical differences to their companies, brand and campaigns. Learn to change...
Jun 29, 2021
1 day in London, United Kingdom
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
This course is ideal for marketing professionals whose responsibilities include PR writing and internal communications. Featuring a series of enjoyable and enlightening hands-on exercises, delegates discover how to produce compelling copy that helps promote and protect your reputation. We look at...
Jun 29, 2021
1 day in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom