January 8, 2021

Offline courses

School of Continuing Studies
The objective of the capstone course is to have the professional learner produce and present a piece of work that demonstrates an understanding of the core concepts in Managerial Finance program of study. Throughout the capstone project process students will be challenged to think creatively,...
Jan 8—16, 2021
4 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
1,055 USD
1 more date
NUS Institute of Systems Science
The global workforce skills requirements are changing rapidly in the VUCA digital economy and are accelerated further by new emerging digital technologies. Automation with ‘thinking machines’ are replacing repetitive human tasks and changing the skills that the people need to be equipped for the...
Jan 8—Feb 5, 2021
6 days in Singapore
4,056 USD
1 more date
Management Concepts
Payments using appropriated funds require significant attention to detail and oversight. It is important to understand the issues surrounding improper payments, payment types, root causes, and their impact. You will build a foundational knowledge and ability to identify methods to reduce risk of...
Jan 8, 2021
1 day in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Online courses

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Logistics is a critical enabler of connecting supply and demand resulting in a dynamic and a growing economy. With an estimated GDP of Rs.113.2 trillion in 2013-14 and over a 13 per cent spend on logistics, the Indian logistics industry is worth over Rs.14 trillion. Delivering logistics...
Jan 8—17, 2021
Online course
786 USD
Imperial College Business School
Imperial Leadership in a Technology Driven World Programme is a five-day immersive course that equips participants with the skills to lead their teams through the digital age. The programme offers a practical and personalised learning approach, backed by theory and delivered through interactive...
Jan 8—Mar 12, 2021
Online course
3,667 USD
2 more dates
Blavatnik School of Government
This intensive eight-week online course will teach you how to use evidence when you design and evaluate policies. The Evidence in Public Policy online programme will hone the critical skills you need to ensure your decisions are based on facts. All around the world, the demand for...
Jan 8—Mar 5, 2021
Online course
2,320 USD
Management Concepts
Spending decisions under Federal grants is challenging, especially with strict guidelines around what’s allowed and what isn’t. Understanding how to charge costs to grant awards and properly document decisions to defend against disallowances will enable you to manage your award more effectively....
Jan 8, 2021
Online course