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Lean six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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About the course

The TUM School of Management Executive Education Center is offering the TUM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. The course takes place in partnership with the TUM edX Professional Series: Six Sigma and Lean Qualitative Tools for Quality and Productivity (QPLSx), for participants who have already acquired the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate or who are seeking to acquire it.

Our Green Belt certification focuses on the implementation of a suitable real project in the participant’s working environment. The selection and technical supervision of the project must be supported by a manager of the participant in the role of a Sponsor of the project.

Our Six-Sigma Master Black Belt Dr. Reiner Hutwelker supervises the projects methodically in individual coaching sessions and joint group meetings. The coaching covers all phases of the DMAIC, from project selection to its implementation.

Participants will apply important tools of the DMAIC cycle using the free software sigmaGuide and Minitab (trial version allowed). The participant summarizes the results of the application of these tools for each DMAIC phase in a personal Project-Story-Book. The results are evaluated in every phase by Dr. Reiner Hutwelker. With written feedback and individual coaching, errors in the application of the tools are corrected in each phase and options for their use are shown. After the positive evaluation of the results of a phase in the Project-Story-Book, the participant is in each phase obliged to also present the achieved results to his/ her Sponsor. The Sponsor has the last word in each phase and decides on further necessary corrections or the transition to the next DMAIC phase.

This concept ensures the methodologically correct and technically meaningful implementation of the project. This is important because the participant has to prove the financial benefit of the project at the end of the project. A project without implemented solutions or implemented solutions without benefit cannot be certified.

This hands-on approach, combining the theory learned and practiced during the MOOC with individual, project-oriented coaching and technical sponsoring will enable the participant to confidently and effectively start and drive further Six-Sigma projects in his or her workplace and work quickly towards a Black Belt certification.


  1. Six-Sigma theory, methods and tools (MOOC)

Theory, methods and tool of Six Sigma via the Massive Open Online Course: 1. Six Sigma: Define and Measure 2. Six Sigma: Analyse, Improve, Control 3. Lean Production

  1. Project Selection, Implementation and Verification of its success

Selection, implementation and verification of the success of a suitable Green Belt project will be supported by Six-Sigma Master Black Belt, Dr. Reiner Hutwelker Admission process: only possible after projects have been approved All steps for the selection and implementation of the project are described in the videos of the course

  1. Support by Individual and Group Online Coaching

Each DMAIC phase of the project is supervised and supported by: – Written feedback to the participants Project-Story-Book in each DMAIC phase – Individual online coaching with each participant to results and next steps in each DMAIC phase – Group online sessions for all participants at the begin and for of each DMAIC phase All coaching is given by Dr. Reiner Hutwelker on the basis the results in the Project-Story-Book and the underlying software tools: sigmaGuide and Minitab.

  1. Communication and Exchange Platform

All communication and exchange will take place via the TUM e-Learning Platform. Every participant will receive a TUM account. Upload and download of files with project results (Project-Story-Book) Individual online coaching and Group online sessions are – organized in course calendar via the TUM e-Learning Platform – held via Adobe Connect via the TUM e-Learning Platform

  1. Data verification

Assurance of a manager of the organization in which the project is to be implemented to review the results of each DMAIC phase and to support the implementation Verification of successful and Six Sigma conform implementation of the project by: Dr. Reiner Hutwelker Certification of TUM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt by: Technical University of Munich

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40 DMAIC Project Guideline

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