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June 26, 2020

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Designed to offer participants a modern, holistic approach to the complex, exciting field of face-to-face Influencing. This course encourages participants to develop a keen understanding and curiosity for the art form, which brings 21st Century theory to life, demystifying its complexities and...
Jun 26—27, 2020
2 days in London, United Kingdom
1,130 USD
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Cranfield School of Management
The Digital Marketing Masterclass gives those with marketing responsibilities the understanding of how to leverage digital technology to drive business growth in the context of an SME. The masterclass provides insights into how customers behave digitally and how to make the right technology...
Jun 26, 2020
1 day in Cranfield, United Kingdom
835 USD
Management Concepts
An organization’s ability to effectively control financial resources; meet legal and regulatory obligations; and minimize the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse is vital to its health. Ensure your organization’s success through facilitated discussion-based learning that will enable you to establish...
Jun 26, 2020
1 day in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Online courses

Dale Carnegie Training
Have you ever been introduced to someone, and forgotten their name by the time you finished shaking hands? This online webinar will stop that habit in its tracks! Remembering names is the first step in strengthening your interpersonal skills and building long lasting business relationships. ...
Jun 26, 2020
Online course
Dale Carnegie Training
This course illustrates the unique characteristics of an online meeting, and guides you in ways to make it an informative, interactive experience. You’ll discover top practices for engaging your audience, and you’ll discover online tools that help them stay focused. Virtual meetings don’t have to...
Jun 26, 2020
Online course