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April 21, 2020

Offline courses

INSEAD Business School
As organisations and business become more global and increasingly disparate, it is essential that executives have a firm grasp on finance to ensure that they maximise value. Exploring the diverse financial challenges facing today's decision-makers, Finance for Executives is a comprehensive...
Apr 21—May 1, 2020
8 days in Fontainebleau, France
14,341 USD
3 more dates
Disney Institute
Put Into Action the Values and Vision that Will Allow Your Business to Thrive. At Disney Institute, we believe leadership is not defined by your title, but by your actions. Your values inform how you lead, creating an example for others to follow. In this course, you'll get insights into how...
Apr 21—24, 2020
4 days in Orlando, Florida, United States
5,600 USD
31 more dates
IFF Training
This course opens up the communication channels between credit managers and trade finance managers. You will return to work fully aware of the best risk mitigation and internal communication techniques, ready to do business in a safe and prudent manner. After three intensive days, you will have a...
Apr 21—23, 2020
3 days in London, United Kingdom
4,488 USD
1 more date
Georgia Tech Professional Education
Like problem solving, everyone has the ability to improve their creativity skills. As team leaders, it's important to know how to foster your team's creativity and promote problem solving skills. In the Creativity Hacks course, you will explore how to substantially improve individual creativity...
Apr 21—23, 2020
3 days in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
1,595 USD
McGill Executive institute
In these days of rapid and often radical changes, it is no longer adequate for a few members of a company’s leadership team to undertake a strategic planning exercise once a year. This seminar provides you with an advanced strategic leadership model, framework and “tool kit” as well as a process...
Apr 21—23, 2020
3 days in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1,900 USD
2 more dates
ESCP Europe Business School
The programme focuses on building leadership presence and impact and on enhancing networking, communication and negotiation skills. Although these competences are independent of gender and other ascriptive characteristics, this seminar is exclusively for women, as it allows the participants to...
Apr 21—24, 2020
4 days in Berlin, Germany
4,425 USD
1 more date
Smith School of Business
Decision-making is arguably the most critical job of a manager and bad choices can damage careers and the bottom line. This 2-day session explores the blending of the art and the science of decision-making into a practical process that enable you to consider your choices both intuitively and...
Apr 21—22, 2020
2 days in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2,513 USD
2 more dates
Haslam College of Business
This course focuses on understanding, establishing and executing a performance-based life cycle product support strategy. It is based on research sponsored by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney and Raytheon. The course is intended for corporate managers working with...
Apr 21—24, 2020
4 days in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
4,200 USD
2 more dates
University of Salford, Manchester
Management and leadership skills are key to the success of an organisation. Senior leaders are critical to the success of the organisation through the culture they create and the expectation they set of others. They require exceptional communication skills and the ability to drive performance...
Apr 21—23, 2020
3 days in London, United Kingdom
2,737 USD
6 more dates
McGill Executive institute
Through this highly successful program, managers with little or no financial training or experience can learn to use the language, tools, and techniques of accounting and finance. Complex principles are presented in practical, understandable terms in a friendly, supportive environment. You will...
Apr 21—24, 2020
4 days in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2,509 USD
2 more dates
Smeal College of Business
Prepare to lead transformational change in your organization. Develop the perspective to assess your competitive environment and opportunities, develop strategy and turn it into action, build your team and improve communication. Program Benefits Improve your ability to effectively: ...
Apr 21—23, 2020
3 days in State College, Pennsylvania, United States
4,150 USD
1 more date
Weatherhead School of Management
Companies are under constant pressure to increase enterprise value. This pressure has led to ill-advised expansion decisions by some of the most successful companies from Walmart and Cisco to Dell. If Michael Dell had dissolved his company in 2004 instead of expanding its portfolio, he would have...
Apr 21, 2020
1 day in Cleveland, Ohio, United States
695 USD

Online courses

Management Concepts
Government employees often face serious repercussions when Federally-appointed funds are used incorrectly. Complying with appropriations law requirements is a critical component of stewarding Federal funds. By exploring the Government Accountability Office's (GAO's) Principles of Federal...
Apr 21—24, 2020
Online course
1,069 USD
57 more dates