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March 24, 2020

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INSEAD Business School
Making the transition to leadership The transition from being a great individual contributor to being a leader of others is one of the most important and challenging career stages. If this first leadership transition does not go well, it often delivers a negative ripple effect that can dim...
Mar 24—27, 2020
4 days in Fontainebleau, France
5,549 USD
1 more date
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Immerse yourself in a four-day hands-on design thinking workshop, working in the field and with the Stanford Empathy and experimentation. Inspiration and ideation. Design Thinking Bootcamp is a dynamic mix of short instructional lectures, demonstrations, and guided, hands-on...
Mar 24—27, 2020
4 days in Stanford, California, United States
13,000 USD
2 more dates
IMD Executive Education
Focus on what matters with IMD's senior general management program Develop a new level of self-confidence in what you can and want to contribute to your organization Define concrete plans to conquer personal leadership and organizational issues that matter Formulate new responses to...
Mar 24—Apr 2, 2020
10 days in Lausanne, Switzerland
25,807 USD
3 more dates
Disney Institute
Put Into Action the Values and Vision that Will Allow Your Business to Thrive. At Disney Institute, we believe leadership is not defined by your title, but by your actions. Your values inform how you lead, creating an example for others to follow. In this course, you'll get insights into how...
Mar 24, 2020
1 day in Anaheim, California, United States
1,750 USD
32 more dates
Center for Creative Leadership
Harness the power of feedback with CCL 360° Assessment Certification Workshop. CCL has researched the issues relevant to leaders across the world. Our suite of validated 360° assessments is rooted in this research and provides valuable tools for those seeking to develop others to their...
Mar 24—25, 2020
2 days in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
2,100 USD
10 more dates
Alberta School of Business
Negotiating is a skill that must be learned by all managers. Master proven techniques to communicate and use power effectively during negotiations. We all negotiate countless times a day to resolve conflicts, client problems or differences of opinion. But few of us have taken the time to think...
Mar 24—25, 2020
2 days in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1,214 USD
1 more date
Georgia Tech Professional Education
The requirement for high levels of customer service, increasing numbers of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), and high labor costs have dramatically increased the complexity of warehouse operations. It is no longer sufficient to manage a warehouse based on a simple, arbitrary “ABC” classification of...
Mar 24—26, 2020
3 days in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
3,750 USD
McGill Executive institute
Technology advancements, budget constraints, mergers, staff morale, and changing patient/consumer behaviour are just some of today’s strategic issues affecting healthcare leadership. This new program takes a fresh look at management practices and tools for improved healthcare delivery and staff...
Mar 24—25, 2020
2 days in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1,524 USD
1 more date
University of Salford, Manchester
Management and leadership skills are key to the success of an organisation. Senior leaders are critical to the success of the organisation through the culture they create and the expectation they set of others. They require exceptional communication skills and the ability to drive performance...
Mar 24—26, 2020
3 days in Salford, United Kingdom
2,723 USD
6 more dates
Melbourne Business School
Learn how to remain a strong leader in the face of uncertainty, frequent setbacks and new challenges. Gain practical tools and strategies to guide your organisation through difficult times, including the ability to recognise neurobiological responses to stress, understand how thoughts affect...
Mar 24—25, 2020
2 days in Melbourne, Australia
2,139 USD
2 more dates
Duke Corporate Education
In Driving and Influencing Change, you will explore how change has impacted your own life and discover what it means to adopt an adaptive mindset. Key takeaways: Gain new perspectives on how we get work done, execute on strategy and succeed when the parameters keep shifting. Apply change...
Mar 24—26, 2020
3 days in Sandton, South Africa
1,606 USD
1 more date
Columbia Business School
The Corporate Governance Program equips executives and professionals who currently serve or are interested in serving as non-executive directors on corporate boards with the knowledge required to excel as stewards of shareholders that promote long-term and sustainable value creation. Drawing on...
Mar 24—26, 2020
3 days in New York, New York, United States
7,250 USD
2 more dates
Impact Factory
Learn to enjoy presenting, boost your confidence and present like a professional. In one form or another Presenting has become an intrinsic part of our business life. Whether it's a few colleagues around a table or 200 strangers at a conference, this course will prepare you for anything and...
Mar 24, 2020
1 day in London, United Kingdom
1,234 USD
12 more dates
Impact Factory
Build your confidence and practice your impact to achieve the outcomes you want This course does exactly what it says on the tin - each delegate will look at themselves, the choices they make and what they could do differently. It would be great to change other people, but life's too short and...
Mar 24, 2020
1 day in London, United Kingdom
1,054 USD
20 more dates