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Wharton launches 4 new ESG executive programs2 min read

February 20, 2023 2 min read


Wharton launches 4 new ESG executive programs2 min read

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Wharton, one of the top three business schools, has announced the launch of four new ESG Executive Certificate Programs set in April 2023. The programs will be delivered through a blended live online and self-paced format with the expertise of tenured award-winning Wharton faculties at the forefront of ESG research. Fluency in English is required for participation.

1. Wharton ESG Essentials is an executive program that equips participants with the tactical competencies to link ESG factors to profit-and-loss statements and portfolio strategies. The blended format includes live online and self-paced online sessions covering a comprehensive view of the ESG landscape, analytical skillsets, and communications playbook. Topics include ESG measurement challenge, climate transition, social activism, and ESG leadership. It also serves as the introductory content in the Wharton ESG Executive Certificate for professionals in senior and mid-career executive roles, including board members, c-level executives, strategists, entrepreneurs, financial advisors and analysts, investors, creditors, regulators, strategists, and consultants.

2. Wharton ESG Executive Certificate for Senior Leaders is designed for senior executives responsible for their firm’s ESG strategy in a changing landscape. The program covers climate and socio-political risks, shareholder activism, and corporate political activity. The program is a blend of live sessions and self-paced content, providing a productive dialogue among corporate thought leaders. The program aims to equip participants with best practices, data, and processes that can be deployed in their organizations immediately, empowering them to act as informed, prepared catalysts for change. The program is designed for c-suite leaders, vice presidents, high-potential leaders, and board members.

3. Wharton ESG Executive Certificate for Strategists equips corporate strategists and cross-functional leaders with relevant research and tools to integrate ESG factors into strategic analysis, from project valuation to team deployment. This blended program covers sustainability, climate, and stakeholder engagement strategy and focuses on mitigating risks associated with climate transition, diversity and inclusion, socio-political and shareholder activism. Participants will gain data-backed tools to manage ESG strategy nuance, stakeholder mapping, and relationship management. The program is designed for consultants, project managers, in-house ESG specialists, and other leadership positions with a stake in their firm’s ESG strategy execution.

4. Wharton ESG Executive Certificate for Financial Professionals is a comprehensive program that combines Wharton’s financial expertise with insights from award-winning faculty pioneering ESG research. It offers a toolkit for investment professionals to implement, measure, model, and optimize ESG-asset integration in their portfolios for sustained value generation. The program covers diverse investment strategies across asset classes, climate finance and economics, shareholder activism, socio-political risk, and more. It is designed for financial leaders and professionals in the financial services sector, including investment professionals, portfolio managers, financial advisors, and business leaders making sustainable investment decisions. Completing Wharton ESG Essentials is a prerequisite for enrollment in the certificate track.

These programs are designed for executives and leaders tasked with making high-stakes ESG decisions, and aim to provide them with the clarity and fluency needed to understand and strategically harness the impact of ESG factors on their businesses.

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