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Sustainable learning with Vision Pro4 min read

February 13, 2024 3 min read


Sustainable learning with Vision Pro4 min read

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Just over a week following the debut of the Apple Vision Pro headset, Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences in Berlin has launched a pioneering “Impact MBA x Vision” program, designed for the Vision Pro to offer a radically immersive online MBA focusing on Sustainability, Leadership, and Business Innovation, initially available in the U.S. The program, part of a broader portfolio including degrees in sustainable business and technology, aims to equip future leaders with in-demand skills for positive environmental and societal impact. The Vision Pro, Apple’s first spatial computer, enhances this educational experience by blending digital content with physical space, provided free to students enrolled in the program, which costs $21,000 before any scholarships or early bird offers.

Tomorrow University is Europe’s leading institution in sustainable business management. It combines state-of-the-art learning science and technology to create flexible, accessible, and compelling learning experiences. Professionals aiming to lead with vision and impact are the focus of this fully remote MBA program’s design. It leverages the Apple Vision Pro for an enhanced learning experience and offers specializations in various fields, including AI and technology, to address complex societal challenges.

The program includes

Flexible Learning Schedule offers asynchronous learning with minimal live sessions. Project-Based Learning rooted in practical challenges co-created with industry partners. Diverse Learner Profiles include working professionals, NGO leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, career-switchers, consultants/freelancers, sustainable development advocates. Comprehensive Curriculum consists of four phases (Orientation, Elevation, Activation, and Calibration) focusing on competency areas, sustainable development goals, project goals, and leadership and sustainability skills.

Fields of Specialization

Sustainability, Innovation & Leadership

This program empowers professionals to lead sustainable practices within their organizations and industries, fostering innovative thinking and the ability to tackle societal challenges.

New Work & Organizational Psychology

Focused on the modern work landscape, this specialization prepares leaders to manage remote and diverse teams, promoting psychological well-being and digital proficiency for business success.

Green Energy, Tech & AI

Aimed at future leaders passionate about AI and green energy solutions, this program teaches the implementation of sustainable technologies to address climate change and drive greener operations.

Climate Leadership

Offers an in-depth understanding of climate science and sustainable practices, enhancing leadership skills to advocate for sustainable change and translate policy into practice.

ESG Management

Equips professionals to integrate sustainability into their organizations, aligning business processes and models with sustainable impact, focusing on sustainability and climate accounting.

Green Marketing & Innovation

Empower learners to develop transformative marketing strategies that integrate innovation and sustainability, leading the shift towards green marketing, and sustainable consumer practices.

Their digital ecosystem includes a learning app, virtual campus “Cosmos” for discussions and networking, and Slack for real-time communication with fellow learners, course leaders, and mentors. The app and campus are fully accessible on Vision Pro, smart device, or desktop, making engaging with courses, fellow learners, mentors and resources accessible. The cost of the program ($21,000) includes the Apple Vision Pro headset, with scholarships available for up to $3,300, in addition to a super early-bird tuition reduction of $1,100 and an early-bird tuition reduction of $550.

Computing revolution with a new canvas for creativity and innovation

Apple’s ambitious launch of the Vision Pro, its first foray into the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market is a testament to the company’s innovative approach to product development and market introduction. Apple has meticulously prepared to introduce this technology to consumers, ensuring a unique, immersive experience that sets a new device standard. With analysts forecasting over 600,000 units to sell in 2024, and expectations to soar past a million by 2025, the Vision Pro is poised to redefine our digital experience.

At the heart of the Vision Pro are two micro-OLED displays offering an immersive 4K resolution per eye, combined with precision hand tracking enabled by a suite of eight cameras, plus two more for video transmission. Early reviews, such as Nick Bilton’s from Vanity Fair, hail the Vision Pro’s spatial videos as nothing short of “astounding,” with vivid experiences that make every other device suddenly feel outdated. Apple’s Vision Pro represents not just a technological achievement but also a strategic endeavor to define the future of computing.

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