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Coursalytics is a US company that helps organizations and individuals discover, compare, and book best options for boosting leadership skills by taking part in face-to-face and online executive education programs. In the world of hundreds of providers with thousands of courses, it is equally difficult for senior managers and executives to find relevant courses and for business schools to find participants for their programs.

Our goal at Coursalytics is to improve leadership skills of current and future public and private sector leaders by improving their access to executive education. Finding and booking courses via Coursalytics.com guarantees customers best selection at no extra cost.

We continue working to improve the quality of our service and customer experience. Please do not hesitate to share with us your thoughts on what could be done to make Coursalytics.com better via hello@coursalytics.com.

Coursalytics.com is made possible by joint efforts of its founders, a rockstar tech team as well as advisors and investors with outstanding achievements in executive education and professional development from all over the world.

Meet Our Team

Ilya Breyman, Coursalytics
Ilya Breyman
Founder and CEO
Alex Dolinskiy, Coursalytics
Alex Dolinskiy
Vasily Shmelev, Coursalytics
Vasily Shmelev
Chief Technology Officer
Justina Venckunaite, Coursalytics
Justina Venckunaite
Senior Research Associate

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