Wenbo Wang

Assistant Professor at HKUST Business School


  • HKUST Business School



HKUST Business School

Academic qualification

  • PhD New York University
  • MA Peking University
  • BA Peking University


  • Online word of month
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Sustainability
  • Choice decision
  • China


Song Yao, Wenbo Wang, and Yuxin Chen (2017), “TV Channel Search and Commercial Breaks,” Journal of Marketing Research, 54 (5), 671-686, Lead Article (authorship in reverse alphabetical order).
- Winner of Early Career Award, Research Grants Council, 2013

Wenbo Wang, Aradhna Krishna, and Brent McFerran (2017), “Turning Off the Lights: Consumers’ Environmental Efforts Depend on Visible Efforts of Firms,” Journal of Marketing Research, 54 (3), 478-494.

Stephan Seiler, Song Yao, and Wenbo Wang (2017), “Does Online Word-of-Mouth Increase Demand? (and How?) Evidence from a Natural Experiment,” Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Wenbo Wang, Hean Tat Keh, and Lisa E. Bolton (2010), “Lay Theories of Medicine and a Healthy Lifestyle,” Journal of Consumer Research, 37(June), 80-97.

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