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I received my B.Eng. degree from School of the Gifted Young, University of Science and Technology of China in 2004, and Ph.D. degree from Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, University of Liverpool in 2008. Before I joined the school in 2016, I was a lecturer in Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, University of Liverpool.

My research is focused on developing advanced mathematical modelling and large-scale optimisation techniques to (1) simulate human intelligence and (2) analyse real-world complex data. For (1), I aim at  constructing effective machine learning models to automate tasks such as matching, recognition, prediction, ranking, inference, characterisation, language and vision understanding, etc. For (2), I aim at developing algorithms to discover latent structure and extract information from large-scale, noisy and unstructured data, e.g., text, image, video, signal, network data, supporting development of text mining systems and other related research areas such as bioinformatics.

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