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Tiff Macklem became Dean of the Rotman School of Management in July 2014. In November 2018, the University announced his reappointment to a second five-year term as Dean, effective on July 1, 2019.

During his first term as Dean, Tiff built a strong leadership team to ensure high standards of excellence across academic, program, operations and advancement functions; engaged extensively with alumni across Canada and internationally; and been a frequent speaker on the global financial system, risk management and public policy.

Under Tiff’s leadership, the Rotman School has fostered a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and excellence among students, faculty and staff. New specialized graduate programs have been successfully launched, innovations have been introduced to the MBA and Commerce programs, and new institutes and labs have increased the impact of Rotman faculty research.

Since coming to Rotman, Tiff has been appointed the chair of the board of the Global Risk Institute, chair of Ontario's Panel on Economic Growth and Prosperity, a director of Scotiabank, and a member of the Asian Business Leaders Advisory Board. In April 2018 he was named by the Government of Canada as Chair of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance.

Prior to Rotman, Tiff served as senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, sharing responsibility with the governor and four deputy governors for monetary policy and for the Bank’s role in promoting financial stability. He was also the Bank's chief operating officer and a member of its board of directors, overseeing strategic planning and coordinating the Bank’s operations. Macklem has also played a leading role in efforts to ensure stable financial systems worldwide.

Before his appointment at the Bank, Tiff served as associate deputy minister of the federal Department of Finance and Canada’s finance deputy at the G7 and G20, the IMF, and the Financial Stability Board. He also served as chair of the Standing Committee on Standards Implementation of the Financial Stability Board. In that role, he worked to establish an international system of peer review to promote and assess the implementation of new financial standards across the 24 most financially important countries in the world. Prior to these positions, Tiff occupied increasingly senior positions in the Bank of Canada's Research Department (now Canadian Economic Analysis) until his appointment as chief of that department in January 2000. He was appointed adviser to the governor in August 2003. In 2003-4, he was seconded to the Department of Finance, returning to the Bank as a deputy governor in December 2004. He re-joined Finance as associate deputy minister in 2007.

Tiff is a well-known expert in monetary and financial systems and has contributed articles to academic journals, as well as providing chapters and commentaries on monetary and financial sector policy and international economics in books and conference proceedings.

Born in Montréal, Quebec, Tiff graduated from Queen's University in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and completed a master’s degree and a PhD in economics at Western University. Bilingual in French and English, he brings with him a broad international network of colleagues in the most important global trade and finance organizations in the world.

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