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Voltaiq CEO Tal Sholklapper at the Battery Show - May 2019


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CEO and Co-Founder, Voltaiq

Dr. Tal Sholklapper is the CEO and co-founder of Voltaiq, Inc. Prior to founding Voltaiq, he worked as the lead engineer on a DOE ARPA-E funded project at the CUNY Energy Institute, developing an ultra low-cost grid-scale battery. Before joining CUNY, Dr. Sholklapper co-founded Point Source Power, a low cost fuel-cell startup based on technology he developed while at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley, where he also did his graduate work in Materials Science and Engineering. As a Materials Postdoctoral Fellow at LBNL, he successfully led the transfer of lab-scale technology to industry partners.


CEO and Co-Founder

  • Company Name Voltaiq, Inc.
  • Dates Employed2012 – Present
  • Employment Duration7 yrs
  • Location New York, NY

Battery performance is the key bottleneck slowing the adoption of electric vehicles, renewable energy, and longer lasting, more powerful mobile electronics. Voltaiq helps our customers maximize battery performance using an intelligent approach to data analysis. Our SaaS or on-site battery informatics platform tracks energy device performance throughout the product lifecycle, from R&D through deployment. Voltaiq automates routine data management tasks, providing real-time, interactive access to battery data, helping to accelerate development, increase productivity, optimize device operation, and reduce warranty risks.

Senior Research Associate

  • Company Name CUNY Energy Institute
  • Dates Employed Aug 2011 – Oct 2013
  • Employment Duration2 yrs 3 mos
  • LocationGreater New York City Area

Lead engineer on ARPA-E GRIDS low-cost grid- electrical storage using a flow-assisted rechargeable zinc-manganese oxide battery project

Co-Founder & COO

  • Company Name Point Source Power, Inc.
  • Dates EmployedOct 2008 – Jul 2011
  • Employment Duration2 yrs 10 mos
  • LocationAlameda, CA

Raised Series A financing from Khosla Ventures. Engaged prospective partners and customers while earning awards and praise from industry leaders for groundbreaking solid-oxide fuel-cell technology geared toward rapidly expanding markets in the developing world. Conducted extensive market and cost analysis. Developed and implemented business plan and... See more

Company Name Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Total Duration 6 yrs 5 mos

Materials Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dates EmployedFeb 2008 – May 2009
  • Employment Duration1 yr 4 mos

Directed research and reported on industrially funded projects for Bosch and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, as well as for the US Government Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) core program. Adapted nano-scale infiltration techniques for use with coal filtration for Southern Company.


  • Dates EmployedJan 2003 – Feb 2008
  • Employment Duration5 yrs 2 mos

Led research in the field of solid state ionics, including solid-oxide fuel-cells, and ionic and electronic conducting ceramics, publishing 11 peer-reviewed papers. Enhanced microstructures using nano-particles, with specific emphasis on the stability of nano-structures at elevated temperatures. Improved performance and achieved stability by applying fundamental understanding of materials to design compositions and microstructures; critically, was responsible for transferring technology from the laboratory to industry.

Crew Leader (Assistant Supervisor)

  • Company Name University Housing and Dinning Services at UC Berkeley
  • Dates EmployedOct 2001 – Dec 2002
  • Employment Duration1 yr 3 mos

Job responsibilities included: managing a crew of up to 20 workers, scheduling and supervising worker shifts, interacting with customers and workers, and resolving problems.


University of California, Berkeley

  • Degree Name Ph.D. Field Of StudyMaterials Science and Engineering
  • Dates attended or expected graduation 2007 – 2007

    • Designated Emphasis in Nano-Scale Science and Engineering
    • Research in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.
    • Accomplished in 2.5 years.

University of California, Berkeley

  • Degree Name M.S. Field Of StudyMaterials Science and Engineering
  • Dates attended or expected graduation 2005 – 2006

University of California, Berkeley

  • Degree Name B.A. Field Of StudyPhysics and Applied Mathematics
  • Dates attended or expected graduation 2001 – 2004

El Camino Real

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