Stan Maklan

Professor of Marketing and Technology at Cranfield School of Management


Cranfield School of Management

Stan began his professional career with Unilever Canada, subsequently moving with that firm to the UK and Sweden, where he was Marketing Director of its Toiletries business. He then spent 10 years as a management consultant (customer relationship management and online marketing) with global leaders in information technology: Computer Sciences Corporation and Sapient. He established CSC UK''s Customer Relationship Management practice and then moved to a role within its European Consulting and global management research unit (Research Services). In that role, he started to work with Cranfield''s Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales and completed a PhD. The PhD research explores how firms change their marketing competencies when developing direct relationships with consumers online. He co-authored a best-selling management book entitled Competing on Value about corporate brand development, and a case-history based book about customer relationship management. He was awarded honours for academic excellence on the MBA from the University of Western Ontario – now Ivey School of Management and have a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Université de Montréal. He is a reasonable French speaker and (lapsed) Swedish speaker. Learn more at

Current activities

Stan Maklan''s research focuses upon Big Data - Marketing Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Experience (CX), Marketing Measurement and Accountability and Marketing Leadership. Collaborations with talented partners take him into the areas of ethical consumption, making sense of big data and development of B2B solutions.  He is particularly interested in advancing the practice of marketing; how should firms develop the necessary capabilities to respond to changing markets and technology?  His research suggests that capabilities are developed best through reflective practitioners, often by middle managers, rather than imposed top down or bought in via suppliers and consultants.  

Stan leads the Marketing Director’s Programme, a three-day executive course that helps marketing leaders lead customer focused change: building influence at the Board, working collaboratively across functions, identifying breakthrough innovation, being accountable and building intelligent conversations with customers across channels.

In addition, he teaches the core marketing module on our full-time MBA programme and Big Data Marketing Analytics on the MSc Marketing.  He supervises master’s theses and PhD students.


Stan has worked on executive education with many of Cranfield’s clients including: EdF, France Telecom, Norwich Union, Arcelor, EMC, Mitsui, Jewsons, Novus Leisure, New Balance and Fiberweb. His private clients include: RBS, Acer, BT, CSC, Midland HR, Lewmar, Cofely and LRQA.

Articles In Journals

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Conference Papers

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