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Carroll School of Management
assistant professor - management and organization department


Ph.D., Northwestern University
M.S., Northwestern University
B.S., Universita'' Bocconi


Dr. Giorgi’s research primarily draws on organizational theory and cultural sociology to explore how organizations and individuals can use culture –  defined as a toolkit of stories, frames, categories, rituals, and practices – to achieve their goals. In particular, Professor Giorgi studies the role of framing in shaping social evaluations and spurring change in the context of securities analysts, food movements, environmental non-profits, the Catholic Church, and the automobile industry.


  • Best Business Ethics Paper, 2017

    • Nominated for the Academy of Management 2017, for the paper entitled “Mine and Yours: Ethics Discourse Framing and Situational Appropriateness”, with Richard Nielsen
  • Best Paper and Presentation Award, 2015

    • The 2015 Davis Conference of Qualitative Research Award for “What’s in a frame? An in-depth exploration of the role of framing in fostering agreement in the context of two environmental non-profits” (Chair: Steve Barley, Stanford University)
  • Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence, 2015

    • Emerald Group Publishing. Award for “Productive Resistance: A Study of Change, Emotions, and Identity in the Context of the Apostolic Visitation of U.S. Women Religious, 2008-2012”
  • All-Star Teacher, 2015

    •  Carroll School of Management, Boston College
  • Faculty Fellowship, 2012-2013

    • Carroll School of Management, Boston College
  • Art Stinchcombe Dissertation Prize, May 2010

    • Social Interaction and Organizing at Northwestern (SION), Northwestern University, honorable mention/finalist.
  • PhD Sustainability Academy Best Paper Award, October 22-29, 2009

    •  Richard Ivey School of Business at The University of Western Ontario and the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Grant, 2009-2010

    •  Targeted Watershed Project, grant for a study on stakeholders’ management on environmental innovation in Chicago
  • Dispute Resolution Research Center Grant, 2008

    •  Northwestern University, grant for study on cooperation among environmental non-profit organizations in Chicago ($5,000)


  • Giorgi, S., J. Bartunek, and B. King. 2018. “A Saul Alinsky Primer for the 21st Century: How 2018 Cultural Brokerage Can Foster Mobilization to Accomplish Institutional Change.” Research in Organizational Behavior.
  • Giorgi, S. 2017. “The Mind and Heart of Resonance: The Role of Cognition and Emotions in Frame Effectiveness.” Journal of Management Studies, 54, 5, 711-738.
  • Giorgi, S. and S. Palmisano. 2017. “Sober Intoxication: Institutional Contradictions and Identity Work in the Everyday Life of Four Religious Communities in Italy.” Organization Studies, 38, 6, 795-819.
  • Giorgi, S. and K. Weber. 2015. “Marks of Distinction: Framing and Audience Appreciation in the Context of Investment Advice.” Administrative Science Quarterly, 60, 2, 333-367.
  • Giorgi, S., C. Lockwood, and M.A. Glynn. 2015. “The Many Faces of Culture: Making Sense of 30 Years of Research on Culture in Organization Studies.” Academy of Management Annals, 9, 1, 1-54.
  • Giorgi, S. and M.A. Glynn. 2015. “The Aesthetics of Data: Qualitative Analysis of Visual and Other Non-Textual Forms of Data”. In K.D. Elsbach and R.M. Kramer (eds.), Doing Innovative Qualitative Research in Organizations: Paths to Cool Ideas and Interesting Papers, Routledge, Taylor, and Francis Group, Organization and Management Series, 206-214.
  • Giorgi, Simona, Margaret E. Guider, and Jean Bartunek. 2014. Productive Resistance: A Study of Change, Emotions, and Identity in the Context of the Apostolic Visitation of U.S. Women Religious, 2008-2012. In Nelson Phillips, Michael Lounsbury, and Paul Tracey (eds.), Religion and Organization Theory, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 41, 259-300.
  • Glynn, Mary Ann and Simona Giorgi. 2013. Taking the Cultural Turn: Reading Cultural Sociology. Academy of Management Review, 28, 466-470.
  • Glynn, Mary Ann, Simona Giorgi, and Christi Lockwood. 2012. Organization Culture. Oxford Bibliographies in Management (Editor: Ricky Griffin). New York: Oxford University Press,
  • Glynn, Mary Ann, Simona Giorgi, and A. Tunarosa. 2012. Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization. Encyclopedia of Management Theory, SAGE Reference project, 440-444.
  • Rao, H. and S. Giorgi. 2006. Code Breaking: How Entrepreneurs Exploit Cultural Logics to Generate Institutional Change. Research in Organizational Behavior, 27, 279-314.


Professor Giorgi is a member of the Academy of Management, EGOS, and the American Sociological Association. She serves on the Editorial Board of the Academy of Management Review, and acts as ad hoc reviewer for the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, American Sociological Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Organization Science, Organization Studies, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Strategic Management Journal, Sociological Forum, and Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review.

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