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Reader Emeritus in Law

Roderick Munday is a Reader Emeritus in the Faculty of Law and a Fellow Emeritus at Peterhouse. Dr Munday lectured in the Cambridge Law Faculty on Commercial Law, the Law of Contract, Criminal Procedure and Criminal Evidence, and Comparative Law. His research interests are varied, but now largely centre upon the Law of Evidence, Comparative Law and Legal Method. He has written a leading textbook on the Law of Agency (currently in its 3rd edition) and in 2018 he published both a tenth edition off his leading textbook on the Law of Evidence and the thirteenth edition of his leading textbook on the Law of Evidence and the thirteenth edition of Cross & Tapper on Evidence. For many years he was editor-in-chief of the Justice of the Peace Law Reports and has written extensively on the subject of law reporting.

Until 2014 Dr Munday held a part-time Visiting Chair in Law at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, and in the past has held visiting chairs at the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, the University of Poitiers, the University of Kansas, the Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Florida. In addition to directing studies for Peterhouse, Dr Munday has held a number of substantial College offices over the years including those of Senior Tutor, Admissions Tutor, Steward and Wine Steward. He is a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn.


  • "Evidence (Core text)" (Oxford University Press) 9th Edition
  • "Commercial Law: Text, Materials and Cases" (Oxford University Press) 5th Edition
  • "Agency: Law and Principles" (OUP) 3rd Edition
  • "Evidence (Core Text) (Oxford University Press)" 6th Edition
  • "Agency: Law and Principles" (Oxford University Press)
  • "Evidence (Core Text)" (Oxford University Press) 5th Edition
  • "Evidence (Core Text)" (Oxford University Press) 4th Edition
  • "Evidence (Core Text)" (Oxford University Press) 3rd Edition
  • "Evidence, Butterworths Student Statutes" (LexisNexis UK) 5th Edition
  • "Comparative Legal Studies: Traditions and Transitions" (Cambridge University Press) (Ed)
  • "Evidence" (LexisNexis UK) 2nd Edition
  • "An Outline of the Law of Agency" (Butterworths) 4th Edition


  • "Appealing Contempt of Court: Parliament's Homeric Nod" [2012] Stat. L.R. 354
  • "Case Management, Disclosure and the Rules of Evidence" (2012) 176 C.L. & J. 377-80
  • "Refreshing Memory: Previous Statements that Fail to Revive Witnesses’ Memories" (2012) 176 C.L. & J. 213-6
  • "Interpretation of Legislation in England: The Expanding Quest for Parliamentary Intention" (2011) 75 RabelsZ 764-86
  • "Athwal and All That: Previous Statements, Narrative, and the Taxonomy of Hearsay" [2010] J. Crim. Law 415-433
  • "Single-Act Propensity" [2010] J. Crim. Law 128-145
  • "The Province of the Prerogative of Mercy Determined" (2009) 173 JPN 181
  • "Suppressing Dissent" (2008) 172 JPN 830
  • "La contumace (défaut criminel): la necessité de la présence du prévenu en droit anglais" (2008) Essais de philosophie pénale et de criminologie, vol. 7, pp. 279-296
  • "The Bridge that Choked a Watercourse or Repetitive Dictionary Disorder" [2008] 29 Statute Law Review 26-44
  • "Misconduct that "has to do with the alleged facts of the offence with which the defendant is charged" ... More or Less" [2008] J. Crim. Law 214-35
  • "In the Wake of 'Good Governance': Impact Assessments and the Politicisation of Statutory Interpretation" (2008) 71 Modern Law Review 386-413
  • "Preservation of the Common Law and the Perpetuation of Error: Section 118(1), r. 4(b) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003" (2008) 172 J.P. 348-354
  • "Legislation that would 'Preserve' the Common Law: The Case of the Declaration of Intention" (2008) 124 Law Quarterly Review 46-71
  • "Of Law Clerks and Judicial Assistants" (2007) 171 Justice of the Peace 455-60
  • "The Quick and the Dead: Who Counts as a 'Person' under s. 100 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003?" [2007] 71 Journal of Criminal Law 238-58
  • "The Judicial Discretion to Admit Hearsay Evidence" (2007) 171 Justice of the Peace 276-284
  • "Judicial Footnotes: A Footnote (with Footnotes)" (2006) 170 Justice of the Peace 864-870
  • "Fish with Feathers: English Judgments with Footnotes" (2006) 170 Justice of the Peace 444-8
  • "Coming of Age in the Privy Council" (2006) 170 Justice of the Peace 244-248
  • "Case Management, Similar Fact Evidence in Civil Cases, and a Divided Law of Evidence" (2006) 10 International Journal of Evidence and Proof 81-103
  • "The Purposes of Gateway (g): Yet Another Problematic of the Criminal Justice Act 2003" [2006] Criminal Law Review 300-318
  • "Exemplum Habemus: Reflections on the Judicial Studies Board's Specimen Directions" [2006] 70 Journal of Criminal Law 27-74
  • "Explanatory Notes and Statutory Interpretation" (2006) 170 Justice of the Peace 124-132
  • "Cut-Throat Defences and the 'Propensity to be Untruthful' under Section 104 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003" [2005] Criminal Law Review 624-37
  • "The Court, the Dictionary, and the True Meaning of 'Oppression': A Neo-Socratic Dialogue on English Legal Method" [2005] 26 Statute Law Review 103-24
  • "Bad Character Rules and Riddles: 'Explanatory Notes' and True Meanings of Section 103(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003" [2005] Criminal Law Review 337-54
  • ""Round up the Usual Suspects!" or What We Have to Fear from Part 11 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (2005) 169 Justice of the Peace 328-35"
  • "What Constitutes 'Other Reprehensible Behaviour' under the Bad Character Provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 2003?" [2005] Criminal Law Review 24-43
  • "Reasoning without Dissent; Dissenting without Reason" (2004) 168 Justice of the Peace 968-75 and 991-1,000
  • "Lawyers and Latin" (2004) 168 Justice of the Peace 775-9
  • "Law Reports, Transcripts, and the Fabric of the Criminal Law - A Speculation" [2004] 68 J. Crim. Law 227-243
  • "Failures to Mention Facts, the 'Pre-prepared Statement', and the Reality of Legal Representation" (2004) The Criminal Lawyer, No. 138, p. 3
  • "Adverse Denial and Purposive Confession" [2003] Criminal Law Review 850
  • "Judicial Configurations: Permutations of the Court and Properties of Judgment" [2002] Cambridge Law Journal 612
  • "Transcripts: Bane or Boon?" (2002) 2 Legal Information Management No 2, p. 32
  • "'All for One and One for All': The Rise to Prominence of the Composite Judgment in the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal" [2002] Cambridge Law Journal 321
  • "Law Reporting: Maintaining a Literate Common Law" (2002) 166 Justice of the Peace 284
  • "Inferences and Explanations" (2002) Archbold News No. 2, p. 6
  • "Judicial Studies Board Specimen Directions and the Enforcement of Orthodoxy: A Modest Case Study" [2002] Journal of Criminal Law 158
  • "Over-Citation: Stemming the Tide" (2002) 166 Justice of the Peace (Part 1) 6, (part 2) 29 and (Part 3) 83
  • "Sham Marriages and Spousal Compellability" [2001] Journal of Criminal Law 336
  • "'Official' Law Reports, Neutral Citation and Other Curiosities: Another Visit to the Grand Canon" (2001) 165 Justice of the Peace 342
  • "'New Sections for Old!'" (2001) 151 New Law Journal 699
  • "The 'Official' Law Reports" (2001) 165 Justice of the Peace 162
  • "Does Latin Impede Legal Understanding?" (2000) 164 Justice of the Peace 995
  • "Le principe de la legalite dans les pays de common law" (1999) Revue penitentiaire et de droit penal 335
  • "What Constitutes a Good Character?" [1997] Criminal Law Review 247
  • "Inferences from Silence and European Human Rights Law" [1996] Criminal Law Review 370
  • "The Bench Books: Can the Judiciary Keep a Secret?" [1996] Criminal Law Review 296
  • "What do the French think of their Jury? Views from Poitiers and Paris" (1995) 15 Legal Studies 66
  • "The Paradox of Cross-Examination to Credit: Too Close for Comfort" [1994] Cambridge Law Journal 303
  • "Comparative Law and English Law's Character Evidence Rules" (1993) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 589
  • "Jury Trial, Continental-Style" (1993) 13 Legal Studies 204
  • "Musings on the Dying Declaration" (1993) 22 Anglo-American Law review 42
  • "Trials of Defendants in Handcuffs" (1993) 157 Justice of the Peace 35
  • "Bentham, Bacon, and the Movement for the Reform of English Law Reporting" (1992) 4 Utilitas 299
  • "Directing Juries on the Defendant's Good Character" [1991] Journal of Criminal Law 521
  • "Name Suppression: An Adjunct to the Presumption of Innocence and to Mitigation of Sentence" [1991] Criminal Law Review 680 and 753
  • "Hostile Witnesses and the Admission of Statements under Section 23 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988" [1991] Criminal Law Review 349
  • "Salvaging the Law of Agency" [1991] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 1
  • "Proof of Guilt by Association under Section 74 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984" [1990] Criminal Law Review 236
  • "Irregular Disclosure of Evidence of Bad Character" [1990] Criminal Law Review 92
  • "Calling a Hostile Witness" [1989] Criminal Law Review 866
  • "A Reform that Almost Wasn't" [1989] New Zealand Law Journal 345
  • "The Admissibility of Evidence of Propensity in Common Law Jurisdictions" (1989) 19 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 223
  • "The Capacity to Execute an Enduring Power of Attorney in New Zealand and England" [1989] 13 New Zealand Universities Law Review 253
  • "Handcuffing the Defendant" (1989) 139 New Law Journal 47
  • "Handling the Evidential Exception" [1987] Crimial Law Review 345
  • "The Judge who answered his Critics" [1987] Cambridge Law Journal 303
  • "The Wilder Permutations of Section 1(f) of the Criminal Evidence Act 1898" [1987] 7 Legal Studies 137
  • "Stepping beyond the Bounds of Credibility: the Application of Section 1(f)(ii) of the Criminal Evidence Act 1898" [1986] Criminal Law Review 511
  • "The French Law of Surnames: A Study in Rights of Property, Personality and Privacy" (1986) 6 Legal Studies 79
  • "The Girl they named Manhattan: the Law of Forenames in France and England" (1985) 5 Legal Studies 331
  • "Corroboration and the Partial Admission" [1985] Criminal Law Review 190
  • "Reflections on the Criminal Evidence Act 1898" [1985] Cambridge Law Journal 62
  • "Legislating in Defence of the French Language" [1985] Cambridge Law Journal 218
  • "The Duties of Defence Counsel [1983] Criminal Law Review 703"
  • "The Common Lawyer's Philosophy of Legislation" (1983) 14 Rechtstheorie 191
  • "Excluding the Expert Witness" [1981] Criminal Law Review 688
  • "Order in the Indictment" [1981] 1 Legal Studies 148
  • "Tribunal Lore: Legalism and the Industrial Tribunals" (1981) Industrial Law Journal 146
  • "The Uniform Interpretation of International Conventions" (1978) 27 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 450
  • "New Dimensions of Precedent" (1978) XIV Journal of the Society of Public Teachers of Law (New Series) 201
  • "A Legal History of the Factor" (1977) 6 Anglo-American Law Review 221

Book Chapters

  • "Judicial Opinion and Dissenting Opinion: A Paean to Dissent", Odùvodnìní soudního rozhodnutí / The Judicial Opinion / Begründung von Gerichtsentscheidung (Centra Právni Komparatistiky Právnické Fakulty Univerzity Karlovy v Praze), pp. 515-76
  • "Configuring Reason" in Stefan Vogenauer & Hans Adenas, A Matter of Style? The Form of Judgments in the United Kingdom and Abroad: Papers Delivered at a Seminar in Honour of Rt Hon Lord Bingham of Cornhill in Oxford, June 20 and 21, 2008 (Forthcoming) (Hart Publishing) (Ed)
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