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Richard Nunes' interests relate to design, planning, and governance, especially where it involves the integration of urban ecosystem services into development planning processes and urban policy decision-making tools. He examines human-environment interactions, whether mediated by citizen actions or institutions, and its effects on the interplay of knowledge and policy development as well as strategic planning processes and outcomes. Richard is mainly concerned with how and why environmental attitudes, risk perceptions and associated ecological behaviour vary across distinct social and stakeholder groups, different biophysical settings, and diverse places.  

European spatial planning; local and regional economic development; urbanisation; environmental change and governance.

Co-Investigator, Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) and Sao Paulo Research Council (FAPESP) (Urban Coastal Transformations: Promoting transnational policy development in the governance of environmental quality and crime reduction), 2015-2016, £39,507.

Co-Principal Investigator, Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) (Mental Health, Violence and Urban Global Environmental Change in the Export Corridor Tamoios ­ D. Pedro I, São Paulo, BRAZIL), 2013/17173-5, 2014-2016, £75,000 - including related postgraduate, doctoral and post-doc grants.

Co-Principal Investigator, Co-Lead, European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) - Climate KIC (Agri-Food Business Incubator Network - AgriFood BIN), 'Cities on the Grow', APPF0047, 2014-2015, £160,000.

Co-investigator, University of Reading, School of Human and Environmental Sciences. Henley Business School and School of Humanities and Social Sciences small grant (Failure and Success of Transition Initiatives), 'FaST-In', 2012-13, £2,000.

Principal Investigator, Santander Research Scholarships small grant (Niche Innovations for Transition. Scaling-up for gradual radical transformation), 'NIf-T', 2011-2012, £2,300.

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Feola G. and Nunes, R J. (2013) ‘Failure and Success of Transition Initiatives: a study of the international replication of the Transition Movement’, _Global Environmental Chang_e. Available online (ahead of print),

Adams, N., Cotella, G., & Nunes, R. (2013). The engagement of territorial knowledge communities with European spatial planning and the territorial cohesion debate: A Baltic perspective. European Planning Studies. Available online (ahead-of-print),

Cotella, G., Adams, N., & Nunes, R. J. (2012). Engaging in European spatial planning: A central and Eastern European perspective on the territorial cohesion debate. European Planning Studies, 20(7), 1197-1220

Adams, N., Cotella, G. and Nunes, R. J. (eds.) (2011) Territorial development, cohesion and spatial planning: knowledge and policy development in an enlarged EU. Routledge: London.

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