Ramesh Paudel

Visiting Fellow at Crawford School of Public Policy


  • Crawford School of Public Policy



Crawford School of Public Policy

Economic Growth, Development Economics, International Trade, Financial and Trade Reforms, Landlocked Economies, FDI in African Region, Energy Economics, Remittance flows and migration, Applied Economics-Time-series and panel data analysis, structural transformation, economic policies.

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Key Publications

Paudel, Ramesh C. and Arusha Cooray (2018), “Export performance of developing countries: Does landlockedness matter?”, Review of Development Economics, 0(0), 1-27.

Paudel, Ramesh C. and Swarnim Wagle (2018), “Nepal’s Trade Performance and Potential with Regional Partners”, ” J. Menon & T. N. Sri Nivasan eds., in Integrating South and East Asia, Oxford University Press, 114-136.

Paudel, Ramesh C. & Gopal P. Tiwari (2017), “Barriers and solution for better investment climate in Nepal”, International Journal of Research & Methodology Social Science, 3 (4), 31-47.

Paudel, Ramesh C. (2016), “Role of Human Development and Governance in Foreign Direct Investment in the Post Reform Era: The Case of Tanzania”, International Journal of Research & Methodology in Social Science, 2(2), 5-18.

Paudel, Ramesh C. (2016), “Liberalization Reform and Export Performance of India”,Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 17(3), 201-219.

Paudel, Ramesh C. and Reetu Verma (2016), “Fiscal Policy on Economic Growth: Endogenous Models from Sri Lanka”, SCMS Journal of Indian Management, VIII(2), 5-16.

Kalirajan, Kaliappa and Paudel, Ramesh C. (2015), “India’s Trade Deficit with China: Will Free Trade Agreement (FTA) work for India”,Global Economy Journal, 15(4), 485-505.

Paudel, Ramesh C. and Burke, Paul J.,” (2015), “Exchange Rate Policy and Export Performance in a Landlocked Developing Country: The Case of Nepal”,Journal of Asian Economics, 38(2015), 55-63.

Paudel, Ramesh C. (2014), “Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Is Landlockedness Destiny?”,Economic Papers: A journal of applied economics and policy, 33(4), 339-361.

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