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Profile: BA, MSc, PhD

Prior to joining the University of Manchester, Professor Agénor was Lead Economist and Director of the Macroeconomics and Policy Assessment Skills Program, World Bank. Prior to that, he was an Economist and Senior Economist in the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund. 

During the academic year 2003-04, he was a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Yale University. He has also taught at Georgetown University and has given lectures, seminars, and short courses in universities and research centres in more than forty countries.

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Phd Students:

  • Koray Alper
  • Sen Min Wong
  • Devrim Yilmaz

Administrative duties:

Professor Agénor is Co-Director of the Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research at the University of Manchester. Under his supervision, the Centre offers an annual course on "Macroeconomics for Growth and Poverty Reduction," which attracts researchers and professionals from around the world.

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