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Professor Low is an experienced entrepreneur and a leading authority on entrepreneurship in independent, corporate and not-for-profit settings. As the founder of the Columbia Entrepreneurship Program, he has worked to make entrepreneurship a viable career option for MBA graduates. As the Co-Director of IE@Columbia, he has worked with faculty, students and staff across the University to spread innovation and entrepreneurship. He has also lead initiatives to improve business education in developing countries, particularly in Africa. Low consults to both small and large companies, family businesses and not-for-profits. He teaches executive seminars in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation and makes frequent presentations to academic and industry groups. He has published widely in academic and practitioner journals and is a regular commentator in the media. He is an active advisor, board member and angel investor.


Journal articles

Regulatory Focus Theory and the Entrepreneurial Process In Journal of Business Venturing (2004)
Coauthor(s): Joel Brockner, E. Tory Higgins, Murray Low

Movements, Bandwagons, and Clones: Industry Evolution and the Entrepreneurial Process In Journal of Business Venturing (1997)
Coauthor(s): Murray Low, Eric Abrahamson

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