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Dr Nnadi is a member of several professional bodies including the Institute of Financial Accountants,  Federation of Tax Advisers, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy and Higher Education Academy.He is involved in online delivery of financial standards for organisations.

Current activities

Matthias'' research interests are in financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions and accounting education. He is actively involved in accounting training and consultancy, particularly in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for private firms and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) for public establishments in Africa. In particular, he has trained several companies and government agencies on IFRS and IPSAS implementations. He is also involved in online accounting training programme.


Professional Accounting training

Alexander Brookes Associates, London, UK

NEM Insurance Plc, Lagos, Nigeria

Case Study Development

Mansard Inurance Plc, Lagos Nigeria


  • Articles in journals

Articles In Journals

  • Nnadi M & Tanna S (2017) Accounting analyses of momentum and contrarian strategies in emerging markets, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, Early online.
  • Nnadi M & Nwobu OA (2017) The impact of international financial reporting standards adoption and banking reforms on earnings management: evidence from Nigerian banks, African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 5 (3) 231-253.
  • Nnadi M, Efobi U & Oledinma A. (2017) Audit quality, family business and corporate governance mechanisms: the case of Morocco, Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies, In Press.
  • Nnadi M, Rubanov D & Oledinma A (2017) The impact of international financial reporting standards on fund performance, Accounting Research Journal, Accepted for publication.
  • Nnadi M & Tanna S (2016) Are serial acquirers good targets for acquisition? An accounting perspective, International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives, 2 (4) 344-364.
  • Nnadi M (2015) Stock Market Reaction, Financial Reporting Quality and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Convergence of Listed Firms in China, Global Business and Economics Review, 17 (4) 399-416.
  • Nnadi M & Soobaroyen T (2015) International Financial Reporting Standards and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Africa , Advances in Accounting, 31 (2) 228-238.
  • Nnadi M, Omoteso K & Yi Y (2015) Does Regulatory Environment affect Earnings Management in Transitional Economies? An Empirical Examination of the Financial Reporting Quality of Cross-Listed Firms of China and Hong Kong, International Finance Review, 16 245-276.
  • Nnadi M & Rosser M (2014) The ''Individualised Accounting Questions'' Technique: Using Excel to Generate Quantitative Exercises for Large Classes with Unique Individual Answers, Accounting Education, 23 (3) 193-202.
  • Nnadi M & Tanna S (2014) Post-acquisition profitability of banks: a comparison of domestic and cross-border acquisitions in the European Union, Global Business and Economics Review, 16 (3) 310-331.
  • Nnadi M, Wogboroma N & Kabel B (2013) Determinants of Dividend Policy: Evidence from Listed Firms in the African Stock Exchanges, Panoeconomicus, 60 (6) 725-741.
  • Nnadi MA & Tanna S (2013) Analysis of cross-border and domestic mega-M and As of European commercial banks, Managerial Finance, 39 (9) 848-862.
  • Nnadi MA, Tanna S & Kabel B (2013) Multivariate analyses of factors affecting dividend policy of acquired European banks, Corporate Ownership and Control, 10 (3 (special issue)) 86-96.
  • Nnadi M & Okene O (2012) Merger Regulations and Ethics in the European Union: the Legal and Political Dimensions, ECLR, 33 (3) 124-131.
  • Nnadi MA (2011) The impact of fiscal policies on consumers spending, Journal of Economics and International Finance, 3 (1) 59-62.
  • Pasiouras F, Tanna S & Nnadi M (2011) The Effect of Board Size and Composition on the Efficiency of UK Banks, International Journal of the Economics of Business, 18 (3) 441-462.
  • Nnadi MA & Akpomi ME (2008) The effect of tax on dividend policy of banks, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 19 (September) 48-55.
  • Nnadi M (2003) Effective Measures of Curbing Malpractices in Accounting Examinations, Nigeria Journal of Business Education, 3 (2) 35-42.

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