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MBA Reunion 2017: Marco Tortoriello


SDA Bocconi School of Management

Curriculum Vitae

Marco Tortoriello is SDA Professor of Strategy. Since January 2017, he is Associate Dean Masters Division. He is Professor of Strategy and Organization at Bocconi University.

His collaboration with SDA Bocconi began in 2015.He has extensive experience designing and delivering executive education programs with companies in a variety of industries such as utilities, financial services/insurance, consulting services, car manufacturing/car components and personal products.

His research activities focus on three main areas: informal networks within and across organizations, knowledge sharing and organizational innovation.

His research has been published in prestigious academic outlets such as Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Annals of the Academy of Management and Communications of the ACM, among others. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Academy of Management Journal and Organization Science. He is referee for some of the most important National Science Foundations including the US National Science Foundation (NSF). He was Associate Professor of Strategic Management at IESE Business School and Assistant Professor of Strategy at HEC Paris. He won many awards for his research activity, including the Organization Science Extraordinary Service Award to the Editorial Board in 2016 and the Foundation HEC Research Grant in 2009.

Marco has an undergraduate degree from Bocconi University, a Master of Science in Industrial Administration from the Graduate School in Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) and a Ph.D. in Industrial Administration from the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA).




  • Tortoriello, M., McEvily, B. & D. Krackhardt. (2015) “Being a catalyst of innovation: the role of knowledge diversity and network closure” Organization Science 26(2), 423-438
  • Tortoriello, M. (2015) “The social underpinnings of absorptive capacity: the moderating effects of structural holes on innovation generation based on external knowledge” Strategic Management Journal, 36(4), 586-597 
  • McEvily, B., Soda, G. & M. Tortoriello (2014). “More formally: Rediscovering the missing link between formal organization and informal social structure” Annals of the Academy of Management 8 (1): 299-345 
  • Dokko, G., Kane, A. & M. Tortoriello (2014) “One of us or one of my friends:  How social identity and tie strength shape the creative generativity of boundary-spanning ties” Organization Studies 35(5): 703-726 
  • Kaganer, E., Giordano, G. A., Brion, S., & M. Tortoriello (2013). “Media tablets for mobile learning”. Communications of the ACM, 56(11), 68-75
  • Tortoriello, M., Reagans, R., & B. McEvily (2012) “Bridging the knowledge gap: the influence of strong ties, network cohesion, and network range on the transfer of knowledge between organizational units”Organization Science 23(4): 1024-1039 
  • McEvily, B., Jaffee, J., & M. Tortoriello (2012) “Not all bridging ties are equal: the temporal dynamics of social networks on law firm performance” Organization Science 23(2): 547-563 
  • Tortoriello, M., Perrone, V. & B. McEvily (2011) “Cooperation among competitors as status-seeking behavior: network ties and status differentiation” European Management Journal 29: 335-346
  • McEvily, B., and M. Tortoriello, (2011) “Measuring Trust in Organizational Research: Review and Recommendations” Journal of Trust Research 1(1): 23-63
  • Tortoriello, M. & D. Krackhardt (2010) “Activating cross-boundary knowledge: the role of Simmelian ties in the generation of innovations” Academy of Management Journal 53(1): 167-181

Conference Papers

  • Tortoriello, M., F. Taube, & S. Moebus “Lost in transition: Knowledge acquisition and knowledge loss in interpersonal exchanges” Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division (2014)
  • Tortoriello, M. “Getting the Most out of Knowledge Transfer: Social Structure, Formal Boundaries, and Knowledge Activation” Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division (2008)
  • Tortoriello, M. “The social underpinnings of absorptive capacity: external knowledge, social networks, and individual innovativeness”. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division (2006)
  • Jaffee, J., McEvily, B. & M. Tortoriello “The temporal dynamics of professional networks on law firm performance”.  Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division (2005)


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