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Rethinking How We Reach Peak Performance | Dr. Lisa Bélanger
Making Connections 2012: Lisa Belanger


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CEO at ConsciousWorks- Consultant- Keynote Speaker

Speaker, Author, Behaviour Change Expert

Dr. Lisa Belanger is CEO of ConsciousWorks, a consulting firm that shows leaders how insights from behavioural science can strategically improve habits of both corporate leaders and their employees. Lisa has a PhD in Behavioural Medicine, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and has successfully taught hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes how to change their key habits with a science-based approach to achieving their definition of success. She is founder of a national charity, Knight’s Cabin, which offers wellness programming to cancer survivors and the author of Inspire Me Well: Finding Motivation to Take Control of Your Health. Her mission is to show individuals, corporate groups and other audiences how seemingly small habit changes can have a profound impact on one’s wellbeing, productivity, and happiness.

Specialties: Exercise and health, exercise and chronic disease, corporate wellness, speaker, author, research and fundraising.

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