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Program Profile: Advanced Valuation with Kevin Kaiser


INSEAD Business School
Professor of Management Practice. Director, ABN AMRO Managing for Value Research Fund

Kevin Kaiser joined the finance faculty at INSEAD in 1992 where he is currently Professor of Management Practice and Director of the Transition to General Management programme. Kevin is also Director of the ABN Amro Managing for Value Research Fund at INSEAD, and is active in conducting and sharing research and insight into how managers can better orient themselves and their organizations around value creation for long-term success. Kevin’s research has appeared in academic and practitioner journals and newspapers, and his two recently released books, The Blue Line Imperative, co-authored with David Young, and Becoming a Top Manager, co-authored with Michael Pich and I.J. Schecter, present the core insights around managing for value, along with practical ideas to help managers make it happen in addition to how to navigate the transition to a role in general management. Kevin Kaiser directs the Transition to General Management Programme.

Kevin teaches extensively in the executive and MBA programmes at INSEAD and is an eight-time recipient of the MBA award for Best Teacher for Electives, Fontainebleau campus, and a three-time recipient of the EMBA award for Best Teacher for Electives. In 2013, Kevin was short-listed as one of the four finalists for the Economist Intelligence Unit’s world-wide Business Professor of the Year competition. Kevin directs several executive education programs, including Transition to General Management, Advanced Valuation, and several company specific programmes for a variety of corporate clients. He also teaches at various institutes and for private clients throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Kevin was Visiting Adjunct Professor of Finance at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (1995-96, summer 2005, and summer 2006).

In the classroom, Kevin combines his deep knowledge of academic theory together with the first-hand practical knowledge he has gained through real-world experience. Kevin worked in the Corporate Finance and Strategy practice of McKinsey & Co., based in Amsterdam and Paris from 1997-1999, and was a principal in, a venture capital-financed marketplace for business finance which began in 1999 and continues to prosper and grow.

Kevin holds a BA (Honours) in Economics from The University of Western Ontario and a PhD in Finance from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.


  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - Managing for Value 2.0 - Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - The Blue Line Imperative: A Radical New Approach to Value-Based Leadership - European Business Review
  • BOOKS - The Blue Line Imperative: What Managing for Value Really Means - Wiley
  • WORKING PAPERS - Value Creation in the Private Equity: and Venture Capital Industry
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - Need Cash? Look Inside your Company - Harvard Business Review
  • WORKING PAPERS - Blue Line Management: What Value Creation Really Means
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - Agency Costs and Strategic Considerations behind Sell-offs: The UK Evidence - European Financial Management
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - Reversing Corporate Diversification and the Use of the Proceeds from Asset Sales: The Case of Thorn EMI - Financial Management
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - Bankruptcy Laws in Industrialized Countries
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - European Bankruptcy Laws: Implications for Corporations Facing Financial Distress - Financial Management
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - Value Creation through Corporate Restructuring: European Divestitures - European Management Journal
  • WORKING PAPERS - Prospects for Reorganisation Within European Bankruptcy Laws
  • CASE STUDIES - Guiness Peat Aviation (GPA) - The Flotation
  • CASE STUDIES - Meteorage Franklin: Managing in a Lightning Storm
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES - The Hazards of Growth - Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
  • BOOKS - Becoming A Top Manager: Tools and Lessons in Transitioning to General Management - Wiley


Corporate Finance, Management of Financial Distress, Value Creation in Corporate Restructuring, Value-Based Management


Corporate Finance, Value Creation in Corporate Restructuring, Value-Based Management

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