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Sauder School of Business
Professor, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division

Research Interests

  • Social Influence
  • Social Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Prosocial Consumption
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Selected Recent Publications

  • Simpson, B., White, K., and Laran J. (2018), “When Public Recognition for Charitable Acts Backfires: The Role of Consumer Self-Construal,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (6), 1257–1273.
  • White, K., Stackhouse, M, and Argo, J. J. (2018), “Identity Reinforcing Consumption: The Role of Social Identity Threat and Public Self-Awareness” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 144, 60-73.
  • Bhargave, R., Mantonakis, A., and White, K. (2016) “The Cue-of-the-Cloud Effect: When Cues of Online Information Availability Increase Purchase Intentions and Choice,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53, (5), 699-711.
  • MacDonnell, R. and White, K. (2015).“How Construals of Money Versus Time Impact Consumer Charitable Giving”, Journal of Consumer Research, 42(4), 551-563.
  • Allard, T., and White, K., (2015). “Cross-Domain Effects of Guilt on Desire for Self-Improvement Products”, Journal of Consumer Research, 42(3), 401-419.
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