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Before obtaining her doctorate, Jutta worked for nearly a decade for Arthur Andersen and other consultancies, advising clients such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Nomura, and Aon Corporation on their strategy implementation.

Current activities

Jutta Tobias, PhD, is a social psychologist with 20 years of work experience in organisational development and capacity-building in six countries on three continents. 

Jutta researches and teaches personal development, mindfulness, and leadership in collaboration with executive students and in a variety of in-company programmes. She has received several Cranfield University Research and Teaching Awards, for example for her innovative work incorporating mindfulness into academic and executive education and introducing thousands of senior managers and postgraduate students to mindfulness.

Dr Tobias regularly speaks and advises on workplace mindfulness and leadership, e.g. in the UK House of Commons, Cabinet Office, and the Department of Health. She serves as an expert advisor to the “Mindful Nation UK” initiative, a think tank with bipartisan sponsorship from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness in the UK Parliament. 

Jutta’s work has been published in a number of academic journals and is featured widely including in the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, the Huffington Post, on the BBC World Service, and in the Swiss TV documentary “The Mindful Revolution”. 

Jutta also holds a psychotherapeutic counselling qualification from the University of Cambridge.

In her free time, she pushes her ability to stop talking and listen more by dancing as a Follow in all sorts of Swing styles.


Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Nomura, Aon Corporation, U.S. Congress.


  • Articles in journals
  • Conference papers
  • Books

Articles In Journals

  • Bendoly E, Guo L, Hu Y & Tobias J (2017) Different departments, different drivers: asymmetry in antecedents and outcomes of voluntary knowledge exchange between sales and production functions, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 37 (8) 1031-1053.
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Conference Papers

  • Tobias J & Pavlov A (2015) Toward higher achievement through mindfulness: a randomized controlled trial. In: Academy of Management Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, 7 August 2015.
  • Tobias J, Denyer D, Pavlov A, Reb J, Gaertner C, Vogus T & Danziger D (2014) Researching organisational mindfulness and mindful organising:Theory, method, and practice. In: 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 2014, Philadelphia, 1 August 2014.
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  • Tobias J, Rose J & Robinson K (2007) International Technology and Business Development: The case of an innovative Telecenter established in rural Rwanda.. In: Bridging Digital Divide. Rajendar K Garg, Mahadeo Jaiswal (ed.), India: Macmillan, ed. 1.

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