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Human Capital Institute

Joe Willmore is the President of the Willmore Consulting Group. He has over 35 years experience consulting for a range of clients on human capital issues. He has provided human capital consulting services for all departments of the U.S. Government including all branches of service for the U.S. military as well as agencies within the U.S. Intelligence community. He has consulted extensively for nonprofit organizations and professional societies including the Club Managers Association of America, the American Public Power Association, the American Library Association, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Wilderness Society, and the Nature Conservancy among others.

He is regarded as a leader in this field. He served on the Board of Directors for ATD (Association for Talent Development). He has been a presenter at the ATD, ISPI, SHRM, ASQ, and TOC annual conferences as well as many other professional societies and their chapters as well. He serves as a reviewer for the ATD Best awards. He has authored five professional books dealing with talent and performance issues. He has written over 20 articles for professional journals or chapters in anthologies. His consulting expertise has taken him to multiple countries including five trips to Russia, serving as a guest presenter for the Korean Management Association, helping to develop instructional designers and consultants in India, and as a key note speaker in Istanbul for Turkey’s leading human capital magazine.

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