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Ashridge Executive Education
Leadership, Strategy & Change, Program Director, Ashridge Executive Education Co-Founder at Radiance Leadership Inc

Jim is a passionate and entrepreneurial leader, consultant and implementation enabler. His area of focus marries synergistic strands of strategy and leadership experience in a global, complex organisation as well as entrepreneurial, private equity investments and non-executive director roles. Jim successfully worked in global, senior management roles with Nokia for 17 years. Subsequently, he worked as an advisor for IMD and in non-executive director roles with a private equity fund, a family business and with a number of start-ups. Alignment between non-executives, CEOs and leadership teams is a keen area of Jim's interests. Jim's research inquiry focuses on the creation of'Leadership Legacies' which explores the opportunity and, arguably, responsibility, that we all have as leaders of organizations and, frankly, our own lives to create a legacy - a vibrant, perhaps, even selfless legacy, which is authentic, resilient and sustainable. A Swiss and Canadian citizen, Jim enjoys working in international, complex environments, which demand thoughtful, proactive, collaborative leadership.

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