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Jason Micklefield is Professor of Chemical Biology within the School of Chemistry and the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1993 with a PhD in Chemistry, working with Prof Sir Alan R. Battersby FRS to complete the first total synthesis of haem d1. He then moved to the University of Washington, USA, as a NATO postdoctoral fellow investigating various biosynthetic pathways and enzyme mechanisms with Prof Heinz G. Floss. In 1995 he began his independent research career as a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Birkbeck College, University of London before moving to Manchester in 1998.

Selected Publications

  • I ntegrated Catalysis Opens New Arylation Pathways via Regiodivergent Enzymatic C-H Activation. J Latham, HH Sharif, JM Henry, BRK Menon, SA Shepherd, MF Greaney, J.Micklefield Nature Commun .2016 ,   _7, 11873
  • An Enzyme Cascade for Selective Modification of Tyrosine Residues in Structurally Diverse Peptides and Proteins. AW Struck, MR Bennett, SA Shepherd, BJC Law, Y Zhou & L S Wong, J Micklefield J. Am. Chem. Soc.  2016138, 3038–3045
  • Effects of Active Site Modification and Quaternary Structure on the Regioselectivity of Catechol-O-Methyltransferase. BJC Law, MR Bennett, ML Thompson, C Levy, SA Shepherd, D Leys, J Micklefield Angew. Chem. Int. Ed201655, 2683–2687
  • A flavin-dependent decarboxylase-dehydrogenase-monooxygenase assembles the warhead of α, β-epoxyketone proteasome inhibitors. D Zabala, J Cartwright, D Roberts, BJC Law, L Song, M Samborskyy, PF Leadlay, J Micklefield, GL Challis J. Am. Chem. Soc.  2016138, 4342–4345
  • Rational Re-engineering of the Transcriptional Silencing PreQ1 Riboswitch. MC Wu, PT Lowe, CJ Robinson, HA Vincent, N Dixon, J Leigh, J Micklefield J. Am. Chem. Soc.  2015137, 9015–9021
  • Extending the biocatalytic scope of regiocomplementary flavin-dependent halogenase enzymes. SA Shepherd, C Karthikeyan, J Latham, AW Struck, ML Thompson, B Menon, C Levy, D Leys, J Micklefield Chemical Science  20156, 3454–3460
  • Site-specific Bioalkylation of Rapamycin by the RapM 16-O-Methyltransferase. BJC Law, AW Struck, MR Bennett, B Wilkinson, J Micklefield Chemical Science  20156, 2885–2892 
  • Modular Riboswitch Toolsets for Synthetic Genetic Control in Diverse Bacterial Species. CJ Robinson, HA. Vincent, M-C Wu, PT. Lowe, MS. Dunstan, D Leys, J Micklefield J Am Chem Soc  2014136, 10615–10624
  • Introduction of a non-natural amino acid into a nonribosomal peptide by modification of adenylation domain specificity. J Thirlway, R Lewis, L Nunns, M Al Nakeeb, M Styles, A-W Struck, CP Smith, J Micklefield Angew Chem Int Ed  201251, 7181–7184
  • Thermal Bifunctionality of Bacterial MIO-Dependent Mutase and Lyase Enzymes. C Chesters, M Wilding, M Goodall, J. Micklefield Angew Chem Int Ed  201251, 4344–4348
  • Orthogonal Riboswitches for Tuneable Co-expression in Bacteria. N Dixon, C Robinson, JN Duncan, T Geerlings, SP Drummond, J. Micklefield Angew Chem Int Ed  201251, 3620–3624
  • Protein micro- and nano-patterning using aminosilanes with protein-resistant photolabile protecting groups. SA Alang Ahmad, LS Wong, E ul-Haq, JK Hobbs, GJ Leggett, J. Micklefield J Am Chem So_c  2011 , _133, 2749–2759
  • Reengineering orthogonally selective riboswitches. N Dixon, J Duncan, T Geerlings, MS Dunstan, D Leys, J. Micklefield Proc Natl Acad Sci USA  2010107, 2830-2835.
  • Structure guided directed evolution of alkenyl and arylmalonate decarboxylases. K Okrasa, C Levy, M Wilding, M Goodall, N Baudendistel, B Hauer, D Leys, J Micklefield Angew Chem Int Ed  200948, 7691-7694
  • Direct site-selective covalent protein immobilization catalyzed by a phosphopantetheinyl transferase. LS Wong, J Thirlway, J. Micklefield J Am Chem Soc  2008130, 12456-12464
  • Engineered biosynthesis of nonribosomal lipopeptide antibiotics with modified fatty acid side chains. A Powell, M Borg, B Amir-Heidari, JM Neary, J Thirlway, B Wilkinson, CP Smith, J Micklefield J Am Chem Soc  2007129, 15182-15191
  • Mining and engineering natural-product biosynthetic pathways. B. Wilkinson & J. Micklefield Nature Chem. Biol2007 , 3, 379–386.

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