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Versatile innovator at ICTU

My experience and deep interests:

I am based in: Rotterdam

My grandfather bought a beach house as soon as I, his first grandchild, was born. Of course, I have really enjoyed the playful times spent there as a child. I was born in Alkmaar and raised by my loving parents in Castricum (very near the sea). Now living in Rotterdam, I still need to feel the sand of the beach, see the endless horizon of the sea and smell the salty tasting wind occasionally.

I am a warm, optimistic and enthusiastic woman. Curious about people, the planet, new technologies and the future. I have always loved to travel the world and have been able to do so. Thanks to a good friend I have visited West-Papua for one or two months two times. This journey and other travels have influenced my view of the world. I would like to contribute to a better future.

At ICTU, I am helping to contribute to a better digital government in the Netherlands as a head of communications, marketing strategist and innovator. A great place to work, being digital savvy and passionate about future trends and new technologies.

I believe technology should serve people and our planet, not the other way around.

I love to inspire others and also being inspired by others, by books, by films (IFFR Tiger friend), by social media, by meet-ups, by spontaneous encounters, by nature, by design, by good food, by life itself and by walking on the beach…

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