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Singapore Management University
CEO & founder at area 51

Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur, Educator.

A native of Scotland and having started professional life in Industrial Design & Technology, Ian has lived & worked in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley.

With a proven track record in commercially viable innovation across industries, he has much international experience with start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies.

After 20 years in California, the last 6 in Mobile Payments / FinTech & I.o.T. he has more recently been Head of Payments at SingTel, Singapore and incubated in-house mobile payments solutions for JPMorgan CHASE, above a bank branch in Silicon Valley.

Ian has also been Funded by Citibank Ventures Palo Alto to build NFC wallets from scratch, designed & built ATM’s for Disney, designed, built and shipped kids phone from scratch also for Disney.

His design work has won 4 IDSA awards, & several patents. Ian also ran an advanced concept facility for Motorola in San Francisco, pushing integration across disciplines - antenna's, mechanical, electrical & electronic engineering, Industrial Design, User interface & UX, Content and USABILITY - believing the latter to be the key to everything.

A busy public speaker with a renewed interested in Education and hosting our own conferences on IDENTITY & Artificial Intelligence last year - - we are making a big push to support Artificial Intelligence Demystified.

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