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Director of the Leader as Coach online program at Columbia Business School

Hylke leads the Growth Leaders Network (GLN), a community of leaders committed to self-growth and selfless service. GLN is an organization with a mission to unite and inspire a generation of leaders to grow through presence, learning, contribution and excellence. Hylke also leads the culture and team development company Constancee helping leaders grow by creating the conditions where deep personal, interpersonal and organizational shifts happen routinely. In addition, he teaches coaching at the Advanced Management and Senior Leader Programs of the Columbia Business School, and collaborates with Tuck Professor and Harvard Fellow Vijay Govindarajan in further developing the connection between organizational innovation and personal transformation. Their first joint-articles were published by Harvard Business Review in 2016.  Dover Publications will publish Hylke’s first book “Growth Leadership: Taming the Crocoodile” in 2018.

Hylke has an M.A in Economics and International Relations from Johns Hopkins University, and a B.B.A from Nijenrode University in the Netherlands where he grew up. He deeply enjoys learning and has completed several executive coaching and facilitation trainings, including at New Field Network. He integrates these disciplines and other interests, including writing, singing and movement in his work with executives.

Hylke’s journey in co-creating transformation began with his personal transformation. In the early part of his career he was the stereotypical hard charging strategy consultant, working 16 hour days, hitting all the “success benchmarks” he had set for himself, but burning out at a rapid clip. He discovered then that integrating mindfulness into his work could help him achieve joy and balance at a personal level AND be more effective at work. This inspired him to specialize in enabling personal and organizational transformations, helping people realize that we can have it all: make a great living and work with people we love, in a way that brings out the best in us.

Prior work includes: consulting at Towers Perrin and Strategic Decisions Group where he became Partner, and co-founding the culture transformation company Co-Creation Partners with other leaders in the field of transformation and personal development. These jobs allowed him to serve a wide range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, consumer electronics and life sciences companies around the world.

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