Humphrey Armstrong

Consulting Organisational Psychologist at UNSW Business School


UNSW Business School

For the past thirty-five years I have been practicing as an organisational psychologist with a special interest in assisting individuals, groups and organisations lead and manage change. I have come to appreciate that almost all change at any level, involves different combinations of losses and gains. As the old adage observes ‘change is often exciting when we do it but threatening when it is done to us.’

In addition to lecturing and consulting, I have a very active one-to-one coaching and counselling practice, providing services to a wide range of managers and professionals who are:

  1. Leading change programs and finding it difficult to win commitment for change and align their organisations divisions, faculties / departments both vertically and horizontally
  2. Experiencing high levels of active and/or passive resistance as a consequence of implementing change initiatives
  3. Strong technically but need to enhance their emotional intelligence skills, eg. Self-awareness, self-management, empathy and influence skills
  4. Relatively weak at resolving conflict and negotiating agreements in situations where parties have differing interests and expectations
  5. Feeling overloaded and unable to cope with the extreme pressures of their jobs especially in complex political environments
  6. Have lost interest and motivation in what they are doing and their current career direction
  7. In the later stages of their career and in some ways would like to slow down but are reluctant to let go of their ‘positional power’ and entertain part-time and/or supporting rather than leading roles. He is currently providing executive coaching services to the accounting, legal, engineering and teaching professions and to the IT, banking, insurance and construction industries. Humphrey has a special interest in assisting people manage later life career transitions. Especially moving from full to part-time roles, into possible encore careers and then into meaningful and fulfilling retirement.


  • Master of Arts in Organisational Psychology, University of Lancaster, UK
  • Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology, University of Canterbury, NZ
  • Registered Psychologist


  • Member, Australian Psychological Society
  • Member, College of Organisational Psychologists
  • Past Fellow, Australian Institute of Management


  • Resilience at Work (RAW)
  • Hogan Personality Assessments (HPI; HDS; MVPI)
  • MRG – LEA 360 (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis)
  • MRG – IDI (Individual Directions Inventory)


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