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Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership
Vice President Nutrition in Emerging Markets at DSM

Fokko is Vice President of Corporate Sustainability and Public Private Partnerships at Royal DSM.


Fokko is also the Royal DSM liaison with the World Economic Forum and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development. Royal DSM is a Life Science & Material Science company, involved in Health, Nutrition and materials. Since 1988, Fokko has worked at DSM in HRM, Logistics, Marketing and Sales, General Management and Change Program Management. Fokko has worked on Business Development in South America, where he started Engineering Plastics activities in Brazil. He led the DSM Antibiotic activities in Cairo, Egypt, after which he returned to Europe to work in Schaffhausen, Switzerland as HR director.

Key words:

  • business leader
  • architect of transformative Public Private Partnerships
  • broad experience: having worked in variety of functional fields (General Management, HRM, M&S, Logistics, Sustainability, Program Management) on a Global scale (Europe, S.&N.America, Africa, Asia);
  • change management;
  • team builder: organisational & cultural sensitivity, bringing people together, rallying the 'Winning Agenda';
  • active in various Board roles: SNS Reaal, True Price, University of Maastricht Economic Faculty, World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council Food & Nutrition Security, Project board WEF new Vision on Agriculture;
  • member of faculty at University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership;
  • member Worldconnectors.

What drives me:

  • curiousity and challenge, exploring new terrains;
  • connecting people;
  • developing business and new approaches to create business opportunities;
  • change;
  • accomplishing results.

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