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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Dr. Werner Jackstädt Assistant Professor of International Entrepreneurship

Florian is Assistant Professor for International Entrepreneurship at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy in the UK. His PhD at Cambridge University was a comparison of three approaches to explanation in management research, focusing on causal inference and the construction of explanatory frameworks. He particularly looked at situations in which the data is limited, such as when an entirely new product, service or distribution channel is launched.

For one of his research papers Florian received the Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick best PhD paper award. During his PhD he also began to study Mathematics and has continued ever since.

After his PhD Florian first worked as a strategy consultant and then as a project manager at McKinsey & Company. He then moved into the entrepreneurial world and was involved in founding a number of technology start-ups. He also published on causal inference and machine learning in the Academy of Management Review and the Strategic Management Journal.

Florian’s main research interest lies in decision making under uncertainty and the application of machine learning to managerial and organizational problems.

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