Flora Cornish

Associate Professor at The London School of Economics and Political Science


  • The London School of Economics and Political Science



The London School of Economics and Political Science

Experience Keywords

Community mobilisation; HIV/AIDS; collective action; community engagement and participation; community health interventions; dialogue; ethnography; evidence & evaluation in health research and policy; qualitative research methodologies; social movements; transnational development management

Research Summary

My research addresses the role of community mobilisation and partnerships in improving public health. I have a long-standing research engagement with HIV prevention projects led by sex workers in India. My recent work has focused on the relations between local grassroots realities and globalising development policies and management practices, with a particular focus on the place of social scientific methodologies as part of this globalising system. I am interested in the uses of ‘evidence-based practice’, monitoring, evaluation and accountability, and the role of qualitative research as a source of useful evidence.

In the Department of Methodology ‘Communicating Chronic Pain’ project, I am working on the question of the ways in which non-textual methods of expression of pain can constitute useful evidence. My research is informed by a pragmatist interest in constituting a better future. I use a range of qualitative research methods, with a particular interest in multi-level and multi-site ethnographies.

Research Countries

UK; India

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