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Jones Graduate School of Business
Assistant Professor of Marketing

With a strong mathematical background, Dr. Cohen-Vernik is interested in quantitative marketing modeling. Her research methodology includes building analytical models and applying economic concepts and a game theoretic approach to real-world marketing problems in order to provide insight and intuition about optimal pricing and distribution channel strategies. Her most current research focuses on innovation and product design issues in a B2B context and firm-level strategies in product co-creation.

Dr. Cohen-Vernik received her Ph.D. from the Fuqua Graduate School of Business, Duke University, and her M.S. in Applied Mathematics and M.A. in Linguistics from Ulyanovsk State University in Russia. She joined the Jones School in 2009 and currently teaches Decision Modeling course across the wide range of MBA programs.

Teaching Interests: 

  • decision making under uncertainty
    • marketing research
    • marketing models
    • data analysis

Research Interests: 

-Distribution channels
-Product co-creation
-Game theory

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